new year intentions


I’m a big “to-do” list maker, and the start of the new year is no exception. My biggest challenge is reining in my long lists, so I’m left with a few realistic goals I can conceivably accomplish.  Often my intentions follow some sort of pattern or fit into the same general realm – whether it be […]

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yoga at home or on the road


I was a yoga skeptic for years – is it really a workout? Does it help with anything? Is it all a bunch of mumbo jumbo? But through my fitness journey, I’ve found that not only does yoga actually work and stretch my muscles (while building up a sweat!), but it helps ease my anxiety in ways I didn’t […]

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ladies adventure club


The Sunday before last I attended a Super Moon gathering in Griffith Park with the Ladies Adventure Club, a gathering of women, curated by women, for the purpose of education, creativity, and exploration. This group of women came together to listen and connect and support one another, and it was the absolute loveliest thing. How often […]

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seasons change : restyle


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been participating in the #thankfullist2016 challenge – posting each day in November about something for which I’m thankful. It’s a simple task to slow down and practice gratitude during this holiday season, which can sometimes feel overwhelming with activity. Yesterday I shared how I am […]

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work hard and be kind

After a rough week, I’m just popping in to share a simple reminder for the week ahead. I’ve been having fun experimenting with video content, including the use of stop motion. Obviously I have loads of progress to make, but nobody ever learned anything without practice, right? In other news, this rain spotted rose is living […]

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fitness : leggings & classpass


It was a sad, sad day in ClassPass land yesterday. The company, after hiking up prices twice within the past year, finally discontinued their unlimited class option and is giving us only 10 classes a month. I’m feeling all the feels along with everyone else, and not to sound dramatic, but this literally turns my life […]

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celebrating community


After a busy weekend of Halloween festivities, we wanted to keep Halloween night as relaxed as possible. With the cooler weather finally sweeping in (!!), we decided to grab some seasonal coffees and walk through a nearby neighborhood with Kipling (tutu on of course) to see all the decorated houses and trick-or-treaters. Honestly, it made me […]

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don’t give up – free printable

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Years and years ago I read this quote somewhere, and it has stuck with me ever since. For me, it’s especially personal – pursuing a creative field comes with a lot of rejection and no step by step instructions for success. It’s my favorite quote and one I come to time and time again, so I […]

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exploring la : solstice canyon


Because of my shoulder, my workouts haven’t been what I’d like them to be this past month. I think that discouragement has made me seriously slack on the food side of things as well. So this next month I’m participating as best as I can in the #TIU31 fitness and nutrition challenge to kick my butt back into […]

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I began writing this post before my unfortunate shoulder injury a few weeks ago, so as of late, I haven’t been able to attend classes that require much of an arm/shoulder workout (which severely limits me). It’s a bummer for sure, and I’m trying to straddle that line of letting it rest but also not letting […]

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