find what makes you happy and do more of that


It’s funny – I think life has a way of making us forget what makes us happy and remember all too well what doesn’t. It’s easy to feel discouraged and down in the dumps and convince ourselves we’ve got to accept our current set of circumstances. But…what if we didn’t? I shared how I’ve been feeling […]

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the solution is simple


We live in a digital world, that’s for sure. And though I love the speed and convenience of technology, I often find myself grasping for those mediums of the past – handwritten letters, dropping off a roll of film to be developed, picking up physical books from the library. There’s a slowness in these efforts […]

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valentine’s day baby


Well, today is February 14th. I have mixed feelings about this date because of course you should celebrate those you love every day (which honestly, I think is even more meaningful). But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse to leave work on time and spend some quality time with your significant other, your friends, or even […]

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reading : Chasing Slow, A Long Way Down, and The Most of Nora Ephron. I never read multiple at once, but I’m really enjoying picking up different books depending on my mood and time of day. P.S. Friend me on Goodreads! listening : to Regina Spektor’s new album + NPR (if you follow my “stories” on Instagram, […]

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new year intentions


I’m a big “to-do” list maker, and the start of the new year is no exception. My biggest challenge is reining in my long lists, so I’m left with a few realistic goals I can conceivably accomplish.  Often my intentions follow some sort of pattern or fit into the same general realm – whether it be […]

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ladies adventure club


The Sunday before last I attended a Super Moon gathering in Griffith Park with the Ladies Adventure Club, a gathering of women, curated by women, for the purpose of education, creativity, and exploration. This group of women came together to listen and connect and support one another, and it was the absolute loveliest thing. How often […]

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seasons change : restyle


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been participating in the #thankfullist2016 challenge – posting each day in November about something for which I’m thankful. It’s a simple task to slow down and practice gratitude during this holiday season, which can sometimes feel overwhelming with activity. Yesterday I shared how I am […]

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fall wanderlust and changing the world


Just over here willing fall to come to LA. I spoke too soon in my exclamation about sweater weather, and I worry I jinxed it. Last night I was looking through my closet, staring forlornly at all the jackets and coats going unworn…then lit a “Leaves” candle (it’s really called that) and wished this fantasy true. […]

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the girls in red, white, and blue


This morning I cast my votes in the 2016 election. I’m embarrassed to say this is my first time at the polls, but it’s an election too important to sit out. I was SO EXCITED as I marked my votes, and I’m hopeful that tonight we make history (in the best possible way). I think […]

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oh, autumn : bucket list update


Every season I like to make a list – a bucket list of sorts. I live for celebrating the every day and holidays alike, and this way I can stay on track and squeeze in as much seasonal goodness as possible. This autumn I’ve been making some major headway on my list, and it’s filling […]

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