easy diy thanksgiving place cards


I love a good craft project, and this time of year lends itself to a lot of indoor crafty time. But in full disclosure, I also love when craft projects are easy to do and fairly inexpensive. With Thanksgiving already next week (WHAT), I thought I’d share a fun little project that’s both practical and […]

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my mama’s favorite chili recipe


It’s not fall if you don’t make a big ol’ pot of chili, am I right, or am I right? My mama has been making Clyde’s Famous Chili after first having it at Clyde’s six years ago. She shared the recipe with me soon afterwards, and not only is it real easy to make, but it is […]

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happy gallery wall


I call this my happy wall because it makes me just that. Out of everything in our home, this space probably sparks the most joy. I first started this project almost three years ago and thought it was time to share an update, as I’ve continued to grow and expand my collection of prints, DIY art, and photos. […]

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the best chocolate chip cookies recipe


I’m really obsessive about a lot of things – holidays, television shows, my favorite tees. But the one thing that probably tops the list is chocolate chip cookies. They are basically the only perfect thing on this earth and are by and large my favorite dessert. If I am ever faced with a choice of […]

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scenes of october


It’s no secret that I live for this time of year. What with the succession of holidays, and the shorter days, it gives you every excuse to celebrate and really appreciate the little things in life. Everything nice and slow. I like to take this time of year to step back, practice living intentionally, and notice […]

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don’t give up – free printable

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Years and years ago I read this quote somewhere, and it has stuck with me ever since. For me, it’s especially personal – pursuing a creative field comes with a lot of rejection and no step by step instructions for success. It’s my favorite quote and one I come to time and time again, so I […]

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fall garden


Los Angeles may not bring autumnal weather (it has been noticeably cooler the past two days), but don’t doubt that I’ll bring the season to my life any way I can. A 600 square foot apartment doesn’t leave much room for fall decor, so instead I like to spruce up our outdoor area (which in fact isn’t our outdoor area […]

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meal planning part two


Do you remember how over a year ago I said I wanted to make “meal planning” a regular feature on my blog, and I wrote precisely one post about it? Yeaaaaah. Well, better late than never, here’s round two (with a group of healthier recipes because I’m kind of at the age where I should […]

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home improvement – rugs


As I’ve mentioned, we are finally being grown-ups and buying furniture and overhauling our apartment, and guys I AM GOING ALL OUT. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. So now that we’ve got the couch and the shelf in place and the media console on its way, the last big piece is the rug. THE […]

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DIY pipe shelving unit

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One of my resolutions for 2016 is to purchase our own furniture. Because we’ve never done it. And we’re adults. And I can no longer bear the mismatched hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture we’ve been sporting since college. When we got married and moved, we didn’t want to buy furniture because 1) we had no money and […]

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