valentine’s day baby


Well, today is February 14th. I have mixed feelings about this date because of course you should celebrate those you love every day (which honestly, I think is even more meaningful). But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse to leave work on time and spend some quality time with your significant other, your friends, or even […]

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valentine’s outfits through the decades


Love it or leave it, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And instead of selling you on buying new clothes or sharing shades of pink (I know that’s not everyone’s thing), I thought I’d instead pull some date night outfit inspiration from my own closet – no shopping trips necessary. So if you’re feeling like you have “nothing to wear” […]

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etsy love this valentine’s


To be honest, the last thing anyone probably needs right now is a gift guide. We were inundated with them over the Christmas season, and there’s a lot of other stuff going on in the world that deserves our attention. Nevertheless, I think right now, when it is so easy to feel lost and helpless […]

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new year intentions


I’m a big “to-do” list maker, and the start of the new year is no exception. My biggest challenge is reining in my long lists, so I’m left with a few realistic goals I can conceivably accomplish.  Often my intentions follow some sort of pattern or fit into the same general realm – whether it be […]

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scenes of christmas


I’m trying to fight the post-Christmas blues that inevitably set in after the holidays. There is so much excitement and cheer built up at the end of the year, that when the day finally comes and goes, I can’t help but feel a little pang of sadness in my heart. It breaks even more when […]

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disney christmas : a video

With a lot of air travel the past couple weeks, I was finally able to put together a short video of our trip to Disney. Hope you enjoy (and are able to get the last of your Christmas fix). -wonderland sam

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merry christmas


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our family to yours! Just popping in to share our family’s annual Christmas card. Somehow we’ve managed to send them out the past four Christmases we’ve spent married. I like to make it as easy as possible – I search Groupon for holiday card deals and usually end up printing from Staples, […]

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home for the holidays


Being with family this Christmas has been so good for my soul. With a hectic few months of holiday celebrations and traveling, slowing down for a few days was very much needed. I only get to see my mom and sister a couple of times a year, so it’s always really special. My mama always decorates […]

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san francisco weekend getaway


This past weekend our company invited us to their San Francisco holiday party, and with all expenses paid, we didn’t hesitate to accept the offer of a weekend getaway. It was a quick trip – only 24 hours spent in the city – but a good one. Because of our limited time, we stuck close […]

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giving and receiving : christmas wishlist


I am not one of those people who dreads buying Christmas gifts each year. In fact, I love it so much, I’ve been done with my Christmas shopping since last week. I was so excited to get started that the speed at which I shopped was kind of an accident. I love the search for […]

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