the solution is simple


We live in a digital world, that’s for sure. And though I love the speed and convenience of technology, I often find myself grasping for those mediums of the past – handwritten letters, dropping off a roll of film to be developed, picking up physical books from the library. There’s a slowness in these efforts […]

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valentine’s outfits through the decades


Love it or leave it, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And instead of selling you on buying new clothes or sharing shades of pink (I know that’s not everyone’s thing), I thought I’d instead pull some date night outfit inspiration from my own closet – no shopping trips necessary. So if you’re feeling like you have “nothing to wear” […]

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one piece, five outfits


We have several trips and expenses coming up this year, so in an effort to save some money and get creative with my wardrobe/clothing rut (I did just read this and am pretty sure a closet purge is in high order), I thought it would be a fun challenge to style one item of clothing five […]

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dreaming of europe in my pjs


Last summer I was able to visit Europe for the first time; in fact, it was my first time out of the country since I moved back to the United States at almost eight years old. Traveling to other countries and experiencing different cultures stole my heart and opened my eyes in innumerable ways. Ever since, […]

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new year intentions


I’m a big “to-do” list maker, and the start of the new year is no exception. My biggest challenge is reining in my long lists, so I’m left with a few realistic goals I can conceivably accomplish.  Often my intentions follow some sort of pattern or fit into the same general realm – whether it be […]

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home for the holidays


Being with family this Christmas has been so good for my soul. With a hectic few months of holiday celebrations and traveling, slowing down for a few days was very much needed. I only get to see my mom and sister a couple of times a year, so it’s always really special. My mama always decorates […]

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east coast meets west coast : winter style


The other day someone made a comment about how “time just goes by” in California. Without the clear markings of the seasons, it’s easy for one month to blend into the next and the next and the next. But I think, even with the springs and summers and falls and winters, that life has a […]

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snow day at big bear mountain


Is it just me, or does something feel a little different in mountain towns? I feel like they exist in some sort of parallel universe – one where people don’t live except for the winter months, where only three movies show at once and for a limited run of two weeks, and where your biggest shopping trips […]

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american blue jeans and diner coffee


You know what’s better than finding that perfect pair of jeans? Nothing. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you understand if you know how difficult it is to find well fitting denim. So now, imagine how stoked I was to finally squeeze into these hand-me-down Levi’s. When my husband’s aunt gave me a stack of clothes to go through last […]

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denim daze in texas


We usually spend Thanksgiving in Southern California, as we always travel back to Texas for the Christmas holiday. But this year we decided to visit my husband’s hometown of McAllen – a small Texas town near the border of Mexico. It’s a vast change from the hustle of such a big city as LA, so […]

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