explore la : abbot kinney


Though it’s been raining consistently as of late (and I’ve been a big baby about it), the first day of the year was too nice not to be outside. 70 degrees and sunny – exactly why people move to Los Angeles (and a few other reasons, perhaps). So, after a quiet night spent in on New Year’s Eve, […]

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dreaming of europe in my pjs


Last summer I was able to visit Europe for the first time; in fact, it was my first time out of the country since I moved back to the United States at almost eight years old. Traveling to other countries and experiencing different cultures stole my heart and opened my eyes in innumerable ways. Ever since, […]

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san francisco : a video

We’ve had several short weekend trips this year, but our quickest was just 24 hours in San Francisco. Here’s a little video I put together of our trip, and you can read more about the specifics here. P.S. A weekend in Portland and Seattle. -wonderland sam imdb.me/samanthalee

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san francisco weekend getaway


This past weekend our company invited us to their San Francisco holiday party, and with all expenses paid, we didn’t hesitate to accept the offer of a weekend getaway. It was a quick trip – only 24 hours spent in the city – but a good one. Because of our limited time, we stuck close […]

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east coast meets west coast : winter style


The other day someone made a comment about how “time just goes by” in California. Without the clear markings of the seasons, it’s easy for one month to blend into the next and the next and the next. But I think, even with the springs and summers and falls and winters, that life has a […]

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snow day at big bear mountain


Is it just me, or does something feel a little different in mountain towns? I feel like they exist in some sort of parallel universe – one where people don’t live except for the winter months, where only three movies show at once and for a limited run of two weeks, and where your biggest shopping trips […]

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yoga at home or on the road


I was a yoga skeptic for years – is it really a workout? Does it help with anything? Is it all a bunch of mumbo jumbo? But through my fitness journey, I’ve found that not only does yoga actually work and stretch my muscles (while building up a sweat!), but it helps ease my anxiety in ways I didn’t […]

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a disney christmas

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

I go to Disneyland once a year, and there isn’t a more perfect time to visit than during the Christmas season. The parks are decorated beautifully, rides are updated to fit the Christmas theme, and they sell holiday food from around the world. This visit was especially great because of the light rain and chill in […]

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ladies adventure club


The Sunday before last I attended a Super Moon gathering in Griffith Park with the Ladies Adventure Club, a gathering of women, curated by women, for the purpose of education, creativity, and exploration. This group of women came together to listen and connect and support one another, and it was the absolute loveliest thing. How often […]

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explore la : copenhagen pastry


If you’ve been around the past few months, you’ve probably heard me gush about my love for Copenhagen. It was the first stop on my inaugural tour of Europe this past summer, and it absolutely stole my heart. The charm, the people, the fairy tale castles – absolutely all of it. I wrote about my trip […]

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