east coast meets west coast : fall style

And we’re back! You may have all the best laid intentions, but life has other plans (always). So after a whirlwind summer, and just in time for Thanksgiving, Nikki (NYC) and I (LA) are sharing our thoughts this autumn season – on style and food and otherwise.

Fall Vintage Style

Samantha, Los Angeles

Growing up shy, introverted, anxious, I’ve always found solace in stories. The ones I read, the ones I watched, the ones I made up in my head. It’s partly why I became an actor, partly why I write, and partly, to this day, why I will almost always choose a book about magic, curiosity, and innocence. Because sometimes you need to escape the realities of this world – and live in another.

This time of year I find myself immersed in stories more than any other. Due to the cold, the shorter days, the candles and the hot chocolate and the smell of apples baking, I can’t help but seek warmth in tales, both my own and others.

I’ve lately felt disconnected from community living in Los Angeles – the city of cars and carefully curated content and careers careers careers. So when I can’t feel like I’m apart of something in this city, I’ll escape to others.

Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls (yes, again). Hawkins in Stranger Things. Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

I’m listening to others’ stories, too. I finally went to hear Regina Spektor sing, the queen of lyrical story telling. I sat at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel and learned seven things from Ira Glass (you’re going to be bad before you are good).

So I’m watching. I’m listening. And of course I’m doing all the baking – these chocolate chip cookies and these apple muffins and this pumpkin bread – and this week my favorite dinner rolls and two pies.

Oh, but how am I dressing? Turtlenecks just about every day, in every color (I especially like these). My trusty high-waisted denim to hide those food babies. Boots, of course (is there anything else?). A hat when the mornings are too chilly to wash my hair. And the most beautiful, mustard colored, reversible coat I found at a vintage store in Vancouver (in April, pre-fall season, like Nikki below).

If I can leave you with this: share your stories (because they’re important). Listen to others’ (but really, listen). And don’t forget to look around you and appreciate the story that’s unfolding right before your very eyes.

Samantha’s Outfit: Zara turtleneck (similar), thrifted wide leg denim (similar here and here), thrifted boots from Poshmark (similar here), vintage coat (similar here and here), Brixton hat (similar here and here), Michael Kors purse bought consignment and gifted from my mother (another herehere and here, – or if you’re more of a backpack girl).

Photos by Laurence Tan.

Southern California Fall Style

Ralph Lauren Fall Style

Fall Style Accessories

Fall Color in Los Angeles

Fall Style Los Angeles

Los Angeles Actress

P.S. Happy to have found just about the only spot of fall color in all of LA. Now on to Nikki, who I fully believe is, actually, the human embodiment of autumn in New York.

Katz's Diner New York City

Nikki, New York City

It’s fall. The leaves are changing, and I’m using this as an excuse to put cinnamon in everything. In New York, it’s that brief time before the shattering cold blankets the city for months. I’ve already rewatched When Harry Met Sally, Love Story, and The Way We Were for life/style inspiration.

My sugar intake during the fall months goes through the roof, and I’m not complaining about it. I’ll be layering all season, so it’s a gorgeous excuse to indulge. After I binged the second season of Stranger Things and finished eating all my leftover Halloween candy, I set out to find an apple cider donut. Various farmers markets usually have them for sale, along with pumpkins, freshly picked apples, and warm apple cider. I also live off of cozy meals and make my yearly stop at Katz’s. It’s my fourth November living in this city, and I feel like I’ve got this thing down.

Fall fashion – I’m falling back on the classics. For me this year, it’s all about the hats. Hats hats hats! A la Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. I am a sucker for vintage hats. I recently fell in love with an old Lord & Taylor forest green bowler (pictured) I came across at a flea market while visiting Woodstock, NY. Escaping the city is just as satisfying as living in it during the fall months. The drive upstate through tree lined roads offers a magical view of the changing foliage.

Layers upon layers. You want to be out and about, but let’s face it: it may look like fall – but it feels like winter. I love pairing my black Wilfred Écoulement Jumpsuit from Aritzia over a button-down blouse, turtleneck, or light knit sweater. Throw on a classic blazer, some knee high socks, and boots – and you’re almost set. The key to buying for fall in winter, in my experience, is stocking up on those things during the summer months! Yes, I purchased a vintage fur coat from Liana Vintage (an upcoming independent vintage vendor coming to Etsy and based in South Texas) in July! Although I felt a little crazy buying so far in advance, I got a great deal and had something to look forward to once it got cold. I finally broke it out last week when the temperatures dropped to the 30s, and it has quickly become my second skin. Stay warm out there, and just enjoy every moment!

Nikki’s Outfit: Wilfred Écoulement Jumpsuit (similar), Club Monaco blouse (similar here and here), Stuart Weitzman boots (similar), vintage hat (similar), vintage sunglasses (similar).

P.S. Keep up with Nikki’s acting career and NYC adventures.

When Harry Met Sally New York City

Annie Hall New York City

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Annie Hall Style

New York City Vintage Fall Style

Also – how to define your personal style and style inspiration from decades past.

-wonderland sam




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