happy halloween! {family halloween costume idea}

Now, we all know I’m a huge holiday enthusiast (to put it extremely, extremely lightly), but Halloween has never been high up on my list as far as important days go. I don’t watch scary movies, I cry the second I step into a haunted house, and my Halloween night plans are generally very anti-climactic. But, I am an actor after all – I like to play dress up.

Long gone are the days when I’d buy an overpriced plastic costume from Party City and call it a day. Now, I have more fun planning complimentary family costumes that we can craft or put together ourselves.

This year I was stumped. There weren’t any particular shows or characters I was feeling gung-ho about (think last year’s Stranger Things costumes). But then I remembered. OF COURSE.

One of the most surprising, break out TV shows I watched this year was the Netflix Original Series, GLOW. Upon hearing the theme (a show about the making of a show about female wrestlers in the 80s), I wasn’t entirely sold. But, I’d only heard great things about it, and I’m a big fan of Alison Brie. Not only did I LOVE seeing this cast of real, versatile, strong, imperfect, diverse, struggling women, I couldn’t commend Alison Brie’s and Betty Gilpin’s performances enough. Regarding Brie, I can’t tell you how immensely refreshing it is to see a beautiful actress who has put in the work for her craft and not coasted by on her looks. She unapologetically and fiercely commits to her big, bold, comedy, and it is gold. I’m thinking this generation’s Lucille Ball (you can quote me on that). And Gilpin gives such a simultaneously tough and vulnerable performance as Debbie – I was left awestruck. THESE are the kinds of roles we need for women in film and TV, so thank you to the two creators (women as well) for giving them to us.

Lucky for me, my husband really loved the show too (so ladies, don’t think this isn’t one you can watch with your significant other), and there were at least a few male characters he could choose from. Unluckily, I planned these costumes so last minute that I struggled finding the different pieces to arrive on time, and I had to add a bit more to my costume to be “work appropriate”.

Enter, Debbie “Liberty Belle” Eagan vs. Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder (Kipling) and my husband as the director Sam Sylvia. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t give anything else away (also, you should remedy that asap).

Liberty Belle and Zoya the Destroya Halloween Costumes GLOW Netflix

Zoya the Destroya Dog Halloween Costume GLOW Netflix

Sam Syliva and Liberty Belle GLOW Netflix

Happy Halloween! Be safe out there kids.

-wonderland sam


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