austin, texas : feels like home

I don’t know what it was, but my trip back to Texas a couple weeks ago made me more homesick than ever. Austin just feels like home, and despite the heat, I fell in love with the city all over again.

We ate all the food and revisited old stomping grounds (I somehow forgot how close everything is), checked out the vintage shopping and cool cafés (guys, these are the things I live for), and spent family time out on the lake. A quintessential Austin summer.

This travel video is more of a home video, a letter to the city I moved from, the city where I fell in love and got married, the city where we can find our family and closest friends. LA is where we need to be right now, but I keep telling my husband that Austin will always be there if/when we decide to move home.

Honorable mentions (not present in the video): honey butter chicken biscuits, Alamo Drafthouse cinema, night swim at Barton Springs, Tiff’s Treats cookie delivery.

Canon 6D Mark II web

Austin Capitol Building web

Cafe Soul Austin Texas web

Goldendoodle web

Alamo Drafthouse Austin Texas web

You're My Butter Half Austin Texas Mural

South Congress Austin Texas web

Austin Motel web

Baby Portrait

Lake Travis Austin Texas web

Austin, you are magic. ❤

P.S. Another one of our favorite cities and our trip to Chicago this past June.

-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

25 thoughts on “austin, texas : feels like home

      1. Omaha Nebraska lol. So I got an epic view of the eclipse, but I can’t winter here because I am 29 and my joints are like “we hurt! We are old af” lol you got me all home sick but I won’t be heading back till December

      2. Haha, I feel you on that one. I feel like my body is already falling apart too. I usually only make it back to Austin once a year, but now I want to squeeze in more trips if I can. What do you do where you can split your time between the two cities, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m always curious about these kinds of jobs!

  1. Every last one of your photos is absolutely stunning. I’ve never been to Austin, but it is definitely on the bucket list. Your post just made me want to go even more!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful, and your video feels like a love letter to the city. 🙂 Austin was never on my radar until this year, and it seems like EVERYONE has gone and loved it over the last few months so now it’s very high on my must-travel list.

    1. Thank you so much Kate! This past trip really did reignite my love for the city. Austin has so much amazing food and such a fun, vibrant culture. I hope you make it there soon! I suggest early spring or early fall, so you can try to avoid the heat. 😉

  3. What a cool city! We live in OK, but have yet to visit the Austin area…I think I know the location of our next weekend trip!

    1. Ah, you definitely need to make it to Austin! Favorite city in Texas and the only one I’d move back to. 😉 I think it fared pretty well during the hurricane, thankfully.
      And isn’t she?! My sister’s new goldendoodle pup! 🙂

  4. This is such a great post! I am originally from the West Coast, from Oregon, and I just moved to Waco, Texas. My husband and I are possibly making Austin our next home after this year. I have only been to Austin once since we just moved here about 2 weeks ago, but I truly did fall in love with it and your post made me even more sure! Keep up the great photography and writing, truly enjoyed it x

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