summer wanderlust {venice canals}

Ah, sweet summertime. It’s just around the corner, and man has it got me day dreaming. The longer days and golden light sure do make everything feel more romantic, do they not?

I’m deep in the undertaking of planning our European trip at the end of the summer. We’ll be flying into Paris for a few days, hopping on over to Croatia for a wedding, then going to Rome before making our way up Italy (to Cinque Terre and finally, to Bologna). My eyes are dazed with wanderlust as I book the most charming AirBnBs in which to stay – in small villages, in coastal towns. My heart is filled to the brim with joy at the possibilities and for the blessing it is that we’re able to take such a trip. Last summer was my first time abroad since I was a child, and the travel bug bit me real hard. We’ve only got one life on this earth to live, and I want to experience as much of it as I possibly can (I think that’s also, partly, why I’m an actor).

Because it can be easy to covet someone else’s life, I wanted to share this insightful comment I got from a reader on how happiness takes effort :

“People are always asking me how I am out chasing my bucket list, especially all the traveling parts. I tell them that I do research and just go out and make it happen.

I didn’t win the lotto, I am not some sort of insider with connections, or, to be honest, someone that is uniquely special. I just want it more because I know it makes me happy; however, there isn’t a reason why anyone else couldn’t do what I do. [You] just have to want to MAKE your own life happy.”

And I couldn’t agree more. 

Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses LuLa Roe

Dreaming of Europe

Venice Canals Los Angeles

Summer Dresses Europe

Venice Canals

Lula Roe Nicole Dress

LuLa Roe Dreams of Italy

LuLa Roe Dress for Summer

These photos were taken by my pal Amber in Los Angeles’ own little slice of Italy – the Venice Canals. And this dreamy dress is from Katherine’s LuLaRoe shop. It hits in all the right places, and the bold pattern and comfy fit make this dress the perfect companion to explore the world. ❤

P.S. Summer is also the season of weddings and camping trips.

-wonderland sam


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