life is effort – and so is your happy {spring gardening}

“Life is effort, and I’ll stop when I die.” – Jerry Smith, Rick and Morty

Anyone else watch Rick and Morty? I can’t get over how ridiculously absurd and hilarious (albeit often gross) the show is. If you aren’t familiar, it’s an animated series (for adults) following the adventures of a kid and his scientist grandfather as they traverse universes to stop monsters and ease general chaos.

If that didn’t sell you, just trust me…okay?

Anyway, the other night we were watching an episode when the father character, Jerry, says the above quote. I couldn’t stop cracking up, but then I realized how profoundly true and relatable it is and proceeded to immediately write it down.

Life isn’t easy; I’ve talked about that before. But beyond the effort we put into our responsibilities, we often have to make that same concentrated effort into our “fun”, or those things which will make our lives infinitely more enjoyable.

Sometimes I’ll hear people remark about how exciting someone’s life appears to be, or how much travel this person gets to do. And though I understand certain things may be out of someone’s reach right now, whether it’s due to time, financial, or other constraints, I do have to chime in and say – they are making their happy.

That person most likely didn’t get roped onto a jet to fly overseas for a spontaneous Eurotrip. She saved her money, planned her time off work, and sorted out a thorough itinerary.  She made concessions in other areas of her life, so that the thing that is most personally fulfilling, could be done. But the one thing she didn’t do was sit on her couch and lament that other people get to travel when she doesn’t. That other people are living their lives and she isn’t.

Apply this mindset to any other area of life. Sure, I could drag my feet all weekend and sleep in (something I don’t get to do during the week), or I could remind myself that what will actually make me a happier, more complete person is waking up early to meet a friend for a workout. Driving an hour through traffic to hike the beautiful coastline. Making an annoying grocery run so I’m never left hungry, and consequentially, irritable. Spending time researching local events and restaurants, so I can explore my city to its fullest capacity and not squander an evening with no bedtime.

We don’t live in a house (that Los Angeles apartment life, yo), but we have made due with a small potted garden outside our front door. Besides our succulents and cacti, our other garden beds require replanting each season. It’s not without effort that I get to see these beautiful blooms each day as I come and go. Each season we have to make a run to the nursery, pick out plants, unearth the dead ones, repot. We have to water and prune and keep the bugs at bay. It takes effort, but if gives us so much joy to see and smell each morning, why wouldn’t we do it? That logic is simple, right?

You can live your life, or you can let it freely pass by. And if you’re not living it fully, if you’re not actively seeking out those things that fuel you, that make life worth living, well then…what are you doing?

Just for fun, I put together a little video of our afternoon gardening. We decided to keep those leafy plants from our fall garden, as we couldn’t bear to rip them out. Kipling was obviously a lot of help.

Spring Flowers

Succulent Garden

Labrador Retriever

Spring Garden Replant

Replanting Our Garden

Spring Garden Flowers

Happiness Takes Effort

Do The Work

Planting A Garden

Pink and Yellow Flowers


Spring Garden Growth

Spring Garden of Succulents

P.S. Taking advantage of a long weekend and keeping track of time.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

38 thoughts on “life is effort – and so is your happy {spring gardening}

  1. Okay, it’s official – I’m in love with your dog! (Can I come and dog-sit? 😉 )And… your flowers and gardening projects are gorgeous! I do not have a green thumb, so I’m always in awe of peeps who are out there digging in the soil and manage to keep alive these beautiful creations! Well done, you!

    1. Hehe, she’s pretty stinking cute, isn’t she? 😉
      I am fortunate that Los Angeles weather is pretty conducive to growing plants – luckily they thrive pretty well on their own. Keeping plants indoors is another story though, haha!

    sorry for the capes but great post. People are always asking me how I am out chasing my bucket list, especially all the travelling parts. I tell them that I do research and just go out and make it happen.
    I didn’t win the lotto, I am not some sort of insider with connections, or to be honest someone that is uniquely special. I just want it more because I know it makes me happy. However, there isn’t a reason why anyone else couldn’t do what I do.
    Just have to want to Make your own Life Happy!

    1. Thank you so much Eric – I couldn’t agree with you more!! I think people can get too caught up with envying someone else’s life when most of the time – they could go make the same things happen for THEMSELVES. It’s all about prioritizing what it is that makes you happy and – here’s a revolution – JUST DOING THE DAMN THING. 😉

      Have fun on all of your travels and checking off that bucket list! ❤

    1. I know there are so many factors out of our control, but there are also so many factors IN our control. ❤ I hope you get to take that fun vacation!! 🙂

      1. Ah, Rick and Morty! My boyfriend introduced me to the show and I can’t get over how much of an a**hole Morty is, but maybe I need to let him grow on me, lol.

        I can identify with this post so much! I’ve worked so many jobs where my coworkers complained, and I would just tell them, then why are you here? Do you know that you are capable of making your own choices of what you do in life? What’s stopping you?

        So I’m currently on a journey towards living a more intentional life and sharing that on my blog!

      2. Haha, you think so? I haven’t gotten that from him – Rick, maybe, but Morty I feel so bad for – he’s always traumatized by the events! Haha.

        And YES. I think many people lack the motivation to actually DO something about their circumstances, but hey, that’s on them! Some things we can’t control, yes, but there are many, many things we can.

        I’m so glad you’re on a mission to live a more intentional life! I’m forever on that journey. Excited to check out your blog. 🙂

  3. Wow, this looks great! I’d love to have a garden when we move out of our apartment and into a house haha.

    1. You could have a little windowsill garden! Or pot some plants outside your front door! This isn’t even our space, haha – it’s a weird “common area”, which is really just a slab of concrete outside our door. It just works out that our unit is the one next to it. 🙂

    1. It’s hilarious! It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s so good. And you’re so right – I think sometimes the most important lessons come from the smallest moments. ❤

  4. I’m so glad I can across your blog, its so inspiring! And everything you said is 100 percent true. You have to make your own happy. You’re never going to do anything but not doing anything. Looks like you guys had a blast in the garden. Especially Kipling- those facial expressions were cracking me up. Such personality!

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