etsy love this mother’s day

Well guys, in case you forgot, next weekend we celebrate the women who are quite literally the reason we are on this earth. Yep, it’s Mother’s Day on May 14th, and though there’s nothing we can do to ever repay our mothers for their love, self-sacrifice, and undying support, a small token of our gratitude is sure to be appreciated. So, if you’re running late for the train, hop on, and give some love to some small business owners while you’re at it (it’s especially important in light of this news).

Our mothers are so busy taking care of us (and everyone else), that they don’t often find the time to take care of themselves. So, in honor of the necessity of self-care, here are some items that will (hopefully) give your mama a little break from the chaos.


me and mama whale sweatshirt – so she can take an evening walk


a cheeky candle – so she can relax by candlelight


wool slippers – so she can cozy up with a good book


a cork yoga mat – so she can relieve some stress


harry potter bath bombs – so she can enact her own at-home sauna (and because these are just plain awesome)

Unfortunately I won’t get to spend this day with my own mama, but I’m looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks’ time. And you bet her gift is already on the way. 😉

P.S. Another Etsy gift guide and a special gift for anyone (including yourself).

-wonderland sam

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19 thoughts on “etsy love this mother’s day

  1. I’m not going to be with my mum Thor Mother’s Day this year either! But some of these ideas are so cute! I’m taking her to Harry Potter world in June (she loves HP) so she’d love those bath bombs.

    1. That sounds SO FUN. I’ve been to Harry Potter World here in Los Angeles, but we don’t have everything the one in Florida does. Desperately hoping to make it there next summer! Also – those HP bath bombs would be perfect for her (and anyone really, if I’m being honest), haha. 🙂

  2. This is perfect! i feel like im always running out of ideas for mothers day and this has that crafty from the heart vibe that moms love. Thank you!

    1. Tara, I was sad to see that you’ve been burned multiple times by Etsy sellers. I am an Etsy seller and customer service is very important to me, so it’s a bummer to read it’s not a priority to others. I hope it hasn’t turned you off from ordering from other shops, as there really are a lot of talented and reliable sellers out there!
      : )

  3. Great list! This year we did some DIY oven mitts with our daughter’s handprint paired with beautiful ceramic pie dishes for all the moms in our life. However, I am also an Etsy shop owner, so I love supporting other shops whenever I can! And there’s still time to send a few last minute hints like these to my hubby…wink wink.
    I need those HP bath bombs in my life….

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