east coast meets west coast : spring style

 It’s been a minute since my last East Coast Meets West Coast style feature (winter always seems to drag on forever, doesn’t it?), but today I am so relieved to be back with Nikki’s and my respective spring styles – all the way from New York to LA.

Samantha, Los Angeles


We joke about LA not having seasons, but though the changes are subtle, they’re still there if you look hard enough. With the onslaught of rain we had in the beginning of 2017 (I cried a lot about it. Also, how is it 2017?!), the flowers blooming throughout Southern California this spring have been INSANE. In actuality, they’re calling it a super bloom, and boy are these flowers not disappointing. And regardless of my allergies just about destroying me, I’ve been making it my mission to see as many of ’em as I possibly can (see here and here). I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but sometimes I can’t believe that nature is capable of creating such beauty.

We’ve been fortunate to be traveling so much this year, but that also means we haven’t gotten to spend as much time in Los Angeles. I’m already living for the warmer temps and am looking forward to all the springtime splendor – having picnics at the Getty Center and riding our bikes through the neighborhood, amongst other things. It’s officially iced coffee weather, and the cutest outdoor café just opened up a block away from my work.

Springtime means a clear slate – taking stock of what you love, cleaning out the old, and welcoming the new. I’m reevaluating what I have and making space for what fuels me. The past couple of days – our first weekend home in a month – we replanted our garden and did some serious spring cleaning (including six loads of laundry). I got a fresh haircut and am happy to report that I finally made it back to yoga.

I’m aiming to be very intentional with my purchases – only adding pieces I’m truly missing. Did you know I’ve never owned white pants? They make me nervous, but sometimes – even with fashion – we should take risks. Some cropped white pants (always high-waisted) have been on my wish list for a while now (I actually keep a running list on my phone, so I don’t impulsively buy when I’m shopping). I was super pumped when Everlane came out with these Wide Leg Crop Pants – just in time for spring. They keep selling out, but put yourself on that wait list. Patience is a virtue. ❤

Outfit: Madewell top from Buffalo Exchange, Everlane pants, Rachel Comey mules from the Rose Bowl Flea (I wore them here too), Coach purse from the Brooklyn Flea, Target sunglasses.









Nikki, New York City


The last time I visited Nikki was April of last year – when I got to experience the city in all of its springtime glory. Nikki, can you share a bit of the magic?

Springtime brings to mind the insightful words of Walt Whitman, “Be curious, not judgmental.” It’s a lovely mantra for spring in New York because it’s the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal. Take in life’s simple pleasures and breathe in the fresh air. Life seems chalk full of possibilities this time of year! You made it through the winter, things are pretty good…why not slow down and enjoy things a little?

It’s also time for a “rebirth” of one’s fashion life! Yes, I’m talking about that yearly spring cleaning of your closet that can feel oh so satisfying. It’s cleansing to throw out the old and make space for the new…but does anyone else enjoy the feeling of finding a forgotten item of clothing that you still love and can rock five years later? Last week I set out to find the perfect spring item to share with you but was afraid I wouldn’t find anything I could comfortably wear outside (I’m still wearing coats because it’s 40 degrees out). Then I rediscovered this American Apparel (RIP) mesh flower jumper that I bought 5 years ago! I threw on some ripped jeans, my camel coat, and my Ferragamos, and BAM- was ready to go! I spent the afternoon strolling the tulips in city gardens (I especially love the ones in the West Village) and eating pizza. All in all a great day!

“April showers bring May flowers.” Yep, it’s also been raining almost every day this month. I love staying in and listening to records, and I’ve been rehearsing for a couple of films I have coming up next month. I’ve been obsessed with the CUPS app (the ClassPass of coffee). It’s encouraged me to find new cafes; there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee when it’s chilly and wet outside, and finding hidden gems is always exciting. When the weather is nice, it’s a perfect time to wander the streets freshly adorned with new street art. I recommend having your lunch al fresco anywhere in Central Park – my favorite spot is Cherry Hill, where I am surrounded by cascading waterfalls of cherry blossoms. The streets are bustling with people, and there is a feeling of euphoria in the air. I instantly feel energized and want to pop open a bottle of rosé and sway in the breeze to some Bossa Nova.

xx Nikki

Outfit: American Apparel jumper (old), J Brand pants, Club Monaco coat, & Other Stories socks, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Pop & Suki purse, J Crew earrings, Skagen watch, rings: Claddah/James Avery/Opal family heirloom.

Photos taken by Scott Draft, edited by Samantha.










Pretty soon we’ll be wearing dresses, and I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to hit up the beach!

P.S. To see what Nikki is up to on the east coast, check out her website here. She’s hopping on a plane to Europe tomorrow, so follow along!

-wonderland sam


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  2. Nice outfit, nice background, nice write up! I hope I can go to that place soon

    you can visit my blog if you want to iamkimthusiastic.blogspot.com

    1. Ah, thank you Irene! I’m sorry the pants didn’t work for you – I was nervous about it too since I’m 5’3″, but that height seems to be about the cut-off for the pants to still feel “cropped”. You could always take to a tailor for hemming. 😉

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