building community and creating art

There are a lot of cool things about this internet age…a lot of unfortunate things to be sure, but a lot of really inspiring content and connection nonetheless. It’s so easy to snap photos, hit publish, stream video to thousands of people in the blink of an eye; all it takes is a half decent camera and an internet connection. To be honest, I’m often overwhelmed at the immense volume of it all – the amount of talented creatives sharing their work. It’s amazing, really, and I have to remind myself they are sources of inspiration, not competition.

This generation comes with the absolute freedom to create create create, to showcase our work, our art, in whatever means we deem necessary. We get to be the editor of our own lives, choosing the stories we tell, directing the images we shoot. For as much as some people like to negatively classify the “millennial generation” as one of dreamers (why is this a bad thing again?), they’re often failing to recognize that we are making things happen and doing so on our own terms. There’s no longer a blueprint for life – an order of things we have to check off. We aren’t relegated to working office jobs or paying a mortgage. We can do all of those things (I work an 8-5 and would love to some day own a home) or none of those things, and guess what? It’s OK.

Without rules to follow, life can feel challenging. But it can also feel limitless. We just have to remember this: it’s not a game. It’s not a competition. We’re on this earth to build community – to collaborate and make this world a better place. One’s success does not negate another’s. As long as we come from a place of authenticity, hard work and kindness will always, eventually, be rewarded.




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P.S. A Showbiz Darling and finding your happy.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

9 thoughts on “building community and creating art

    1. Yes, I think it’s something we have to be reminded of every now and then! Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all, I do like to take a break from social media to reset though. 🙂

  1. Really great post – this was one of the things that irked me in art school, it was such a competitive place. And though we talk about community and building up an ‘entourage’ of like minded artists, the sense of competition is easy to get wrapped up in. Even in groups! Like my little art clique is cooler than your art clique. Not into it!

    1. Thank you so much Katia. I feel like those cliques tend to follow us even into adulthood, unfortunately. For a while I took classes at an acting studio that was very much like that, and I was just not about it (after all, I’m not in high school anymore!). We’re all striving for the same things, so there’s no sense in animosity or making others feel left out. Let’s lift each other up! 🙂

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