valentine’s day baby

Well, today is February 14th. I have mixed feelings about this date because of course you should celebrate those you love every day (which honestly, I think is even more meaningful). But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse to leave work on time and spend some quality time with your significant other, your friends, or even YOURSELF. You don’t have to buy heart-shaped boxes of chocolates (though, would I turn those down?), and you don’t have to eat at a fancy restaurant (though, I’ve kind of gotten into that habit lately – #sorrynotsorry), and you don’t even have to spend your night with a romantic partner or otherwise. You’ve gotta love yourself first, yo. And sometimes alone time is the best time if you use it as an opportunity to nourish yourself, to refuel, to be kind to YOU. Don’t have a date? No problem. Do some yoga. Pour a big glass of wine. Put on a face mask. Watch one of those old school romantic comedies like Notting Hill or Sleepless in Seattle (which c’mon…are still SO GOOD).

Or…do none of those things. Finally read that book you’ve been meaning to crack open. Take your dog on an extra long twilight walk. Go to sleep EARLY. Ignore Valentine’s Day completely. The greatest thing about living is you get to decide how you do it. Even, especially, today.

Oh, am I getting to the point of this post?

This is not a subtle baby announcement (but did I fool you?!). It IS my precious baby angel (dog) Kipling’s 6th birthday today. SIX. She’s still got that puppy face and acts like a psycho sometimes, so I forget she’s already at this age. I love her so, and though I can’t take her out to celebrate all day today (ugh, work), I wanted to give her some birthday cake and a gift before heading out the door this morning.

*Photos snapped real quick because baby girl was too excited to eat that cupcake. Happy birthday Kipling! ❤




Little video I put together of her birthday last year below (if you need an extra boost of happiness today).

Happy Valentine’s Day Tuesday awesome day of your life!

P.S. Some date night outfits and a nighttime routine to pamper yourself.

-wonderland sam

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