winter nighttime routine

To my summer loving dismay, winter seems to be sticking around. I say there is “winter” in Los Angeles, but the real heroes in the Northeast would severely beg to differ. Nonetheless, this time of year I have to wear close-toed shoes and turn our heater on at night, so…it’s basically Antarctica over here.

Either way, I have decided to embrace the colder temps because if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em (is this a bad lesson?). With this decision, as well as my new year intention to slow down, I’ve been reveling in a relaxing nighttime routine. So when Crane & Canopy asked me to share it, well, I already had the formula ready.


I’ve always been a morning bather (do people still use this word?), but showering at night has been a game changer. Nothing feels more luxurious than:

  • taking a hot – and I mean HOT – shower. I like to turn off the lights, light a candle, and play soft music – instant spa! Bonus points if you keep the door shut because then the humidity is like your own at-home sauna!
  • applying silky smooth body oil; this argan oil is doing wonders for my perpetually cracked hands during the winter.
  • rubbing my lips with sugar scrub (it’s a little weird at first but so great…trust me!) and swiping on some ChapStick (it works so much better when it has all night to really soak in).
  • climbing into a bed of freshly laundered sheets with a good book. This makes the perfect nighttime read.

I’ve been getting into bed at least 30 minutes before “bedtime” to read, so I can quiet my mind and reset for the next day – and no, this does not mean Instagram scrolling for half an hour. In these over saturated days of go-go-go, it’s so necessary to incorporate stillness to reboot (especially for this anxious introvert).  I’ve even gotten my husband on board with this practice, which I honestly didn’t think was possible. Yesterday he asked, “Want to get into bed to read?”, and my heart did a literal somersault.

Slower evenings (and more sleep!) lead to slower mornings (more time to enjoy that cup of coffee!), which in turn lead to more productive days (more purpose! more joy! more happiness!). The simple act of just slowing down has benefited my days in innumerable ways. Go ahead, try it. I dare you.







*Honorable Mentions for the Perfect Nighttime Routine:

  1. eating a home cooked meal by candlelight – glass of wine in hand, of course.
  2. stretching after that hot shower or (better yet!) convincing your significant other to give you a deep back massage.
  3. Puppy snuggles. Because…duh. ❤

-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

14 thoughts on “winter nighttime routine

    1. I am sure it is MUCH colder in Vancouver – I’m just a big baby when it comes to anything less than 60 degrees, haha. Happy to see we are on the same nighttime routine wavelength – it makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. I really loved this Sam. It is so hard for me to turn off my phone (or laptop) and opt for a book instead but I always notice the difference the next day.

    1. Thank you Rae. ❤ I've been making it a priority to read this year and have already gotten through three books! If I'm able to wake up a bit earlier too, I like to spend some time reading while I drink my morning coffee. Such a nice break from constantly staring at a screen. 🙂

  2. Sounds great, I feel like I’m always in such a rush, both in the morning and at night but this has really inspired me to slow down my evening routine and in turn mornings, great post!

    Gabrielle Isabella x

    1. Thank you Gabrielle! I feel like everyone (myself included) is always in a rush, but I’ve found that it’s mostly because we are not making certain priorities and instead are getting caught up in time wasters – like scrolling social media for instance. I surely can make time to read for 30 minutes if I don’t sit down to look at my phone (because before you know it, an hour has gone by!). Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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