reading : Chasing Slow, A Long Way Down, and The Most of Nora Ephron. I never read multiple at once, but I’m really enjoying picking up different books depending on my mood and time of day. P.S. Friend me on Goodreads!

listening : to Regina Spektor’s new album + NPR (if you follow my “stories” on Instagram, you might have caught some juicy NPR gossip). 😉

smelling : candles on repeat (my current one is from Artists & Fleas).

watching : my SAG-AFTRA movie screeners and The Crown on Netflix. My husband was on a work trip last week, so it was the perfect opportunity to start a new show.

feeling : to be honest, all over the place. Some days I’m inspired and excited and ready to tackle the world. Other days I feel anxious and insecure and reclusive. It’s exhausting.

working on : networking and collaborating with like-minded people – both in the blogosphere and in my acting career.

cooking : whatever is in the kitchen! It has been so fun pulling together what we already have and concocting new meals. I get to avoid complicated recipes and going to the store to buy 26 specific ingredients. It gives me more time and patience to just enjoy the process.

going : to Europe in the fall! I quite literally, can’t wait.

wishing : my day job paid me to travel. Those jobs do exist, right?

anticipating : my friend Lindsy’s visit this weekend! Hoping to hit up some new (to me) spots.

enjoying : going to fitness meet-ups with new friends.

buying : a new coffee table and lamp…hopefully soon. The last pieces to “finish” our living room.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

8 thoughts on “currently

  1. I loved this post, Sam! And so wishing our schedules aligned better so we could hang more! Wahhh. Also, Didn’t know Regina Spektor has a new album!!! Downloading immediately.


    1. Yeah girl! Regina is one of my very favorites (hence why I put her music to pretty much all of my videos). Let me know when y’all are free (Monday nights?), and we can meet up for some drinky drink. 😉

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