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Today I’m so excited to kick off a new series on this blog – Real Life Girl Boss. In this series, I’ll be interviewing, you guessed it, Real Life Girl Bosses. What is a Girl Boss, and what makes her real?

Sophia Amoruso is the designer famous for coining the term in her book #Girlboss, where she details her life as a struggling 20 something: broke, shoplifting, and generally not achieving anything with her life. She independently worked her butt off to sell clothes on eBay before paving the way for online retail and eventually growing her own multimillion dollar company, Nasty Gal, at an astonishingly young age. With her book’s release, her fame skyrocketed, and Netflix is currently creating a show around the same title. Sure, there’s some disheartening news of her recent bankruptcy, but you can’t deny that this woman still made things happen.

Anyway, my point is, the term Girl Boss celebrates women’s ability to do whatever TF they want. You don’t necessarily have to follow Sophia’s footsteps and become the boss of your own company, but you damn well better be the boss of your own life.

So here, I’ll be interviewing Girl Bosses that I know in REAL LIFE – various women all getting sh*t done and killing it in a creative field. Maybe we can learn some of their secrets to success. Maybe – and we should – celebrate and root for their endeavors.

Because I know that I am not an expert in every field and that it doesn’t hurt to learn from one another. Because I know that life is about community – about working and sharing together. And because I know…I’m still with her.

To kick off the series, let’s welcome my friend in Austin, Texas – Nathalie Holmes. Professional actress, comedian, musician, and podcaster. Showbiz Darling for short.

Aren’t you already amazed?


So Nathalie, what made you want to do this (aka all the millions of titles up there. Talk about a Jack Jane of all trades!)?

I don’t know, the Universe? I’ve always known I was meant to be an entertainer. It’s always been the goal. I haven’t had a day job in 9 years. I love creativity, laughter, and storytelling. So showbiz for me!

And how did you get started?

Professionally? I did my first commercial as a freshman in college. I was pursuing my degree in Theatre Production and Performance when I auditioned for an iconic sketch comedy theatre in Austin. They hired me two months before graduation.

Performing with Esther’s Follies in Austin, Texas. Photo by Adam Schlender.

If I can call you a “freelancer”, in which I know relationships are so important, how do you approach networking? Meeting new contacts, investing in your relationships, and reaching out for help/guidance/job leads?

I go to a few monthly meet ups. It’s always nice to be around likeminded people with similar goals. There’s no room for fear in what we do, so I usually just go for it. If you’re allowed to speak, I speak. If you’re supposed to mingle, I mingle. Always have business cards and always have something to offer in return. Collaboration is key. No one wants to feel like they’re getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop (Some Like it Hot reference).

Also, and I think this is more important than anything: ask. You’d be surprised how many people don’t bother, and I get so many opportunities that way. Be approachable. Be professional. And ask. 

When you frequently move from job to job, how do you deal with any stress that may come from that?  How do you plan for any potential lulls?

I’m less job to job and more gig to gig. One day I’m an actress, the next a stand up comic, the next the lead singer in a rock and roll band. Never a routine day. Booking up your calendar can be pretty stressful, and there are no guarantees. I make it a point to be constantly saving. There’s always money in the banana stand, if you know what I mean.


You recently launched a new endeavor – your podcast. How did you come up with this idea? What made you want to do it, and how did you get the ball rolling?

I had been dying to do a podcast and I had no idea what to make it about. I thought just talking about myself would be pretty boring. I was reading this book on manifesting, and I start dreaming up this podcast where I interviewed celebrities from my childhood favorites. Then I just started asking. I had no expectations, but they started saying yes! It’s pretty crazy. The response has been really wonderful. It tugs at people’s heart strings to remember these movies and TV shows…especially with the people who made them. I live in a time machine, so I’m very proud to be a part of that.


 Can you describe your typical working day?

Ha. Honestly, I’m all over the place. I make a monthly editorial calendar, but it’s very flexible. I have separate days for writing, online classes, filming, editing, podcast, and promotion. I try to get 3 big things done a day. That makes me feel like I’m taking care of business.

What about a non-working day? You must have those, right?

Typically, I work 7 days a week. The closest to a day off is Sunday when I plan and prepare for the next week. Every now and then I say to myself, “Too much!” and will cuddle up with a Jacqueline Sussan book and a glass of wine.


Where do you find inspiration?

Usually from my life. I always try to find the funny in what I’m doing and share it. Since so much of my blog is nostalgia based, I often look to yesteryear and see what I’d like to bring back and celebrate in a ‘now’ sort of way.

Who do you look up to?

My mother. She passed away this year, but she was the center of my universe. She was beautiful, intelligent, determined, funny, and unbreakable. If I’m a quarter of the woman she is, then I’m doing ok.  As far as entertainers – Bette Midler is my ultimate. She’s done everything I want to do. Lucille Ball, Tina Turner, and Mary Tyler Moore. I love bold and courageous women who make things happen for themselves. And just in general, people who live their truth and use it to create positive change. That’s why we’re here right?

Do you have any rituals or daily practices to stay centered and focused?

I meditate and journal. And whenever I get frustrated I say my mantra: “You’re doing it.”


What’s something you wish someone had told you when you started out with this career?

I wish I had known the value of consistently making your own content and becoming an influencer when I first started. I made my first video six years ago. It got over 12,000 views, and I didn’t make another one forever after that. I was so clueless and self conscious. I wish I had pushed through those feelings. The people who stuck with it have built huge communities and accomplished some pretty amazing things. Live and learn.

What’s the least fun part of your job? The most?

Editing stresses me out! I’m very critical of my content, and at some point I always think, “This is garbage. I’m hurting the internet by posting this.” But then, I finish it. And I’m so proud to share it with others. The most fun I have is performing and making people laugh. There’s nothing like it.

What was your favorite job to work on?

Oh man, I’ve been fortunate enough to do all kind of gigs. One of my favorite moments was my band performing at a halftime show for the NBA playoffs. It was the Spurs vs. the Clippers. I got to watch some of the game from the floor and Blake Griffin fell and slid into me. He apologized.

Another performance of Esther’s Follies. Photo by Adam Schlender.

 Where do you see yourself in the next year? 

I’ll officially be living in LA and chasing the Hollywood dream! Still blogging, doing the podcast, and being a showbiz darling.

And in an alternate universe, if you weren’t pursuing the career you have now, what would you be doing?

I always thought I’d make a great elementary school librarian. I almost got my certification – just to have it. Admittedly, I would be turning the books into plays and basically being the theatre teacher. But getting kids excited about reading really speaks to me.


Before I let you go, let’s rapid fire. 

  • Morning or night? Always been a night owl, but I see the value in the morning. I’m transitioning. Slowly and grumpily.
  • Favorite city you’ve visited? Paris. Always Paris. Having my wedding there in March!
  • Any hobbies or guilty pleasures? I like making large collages. I’ve had a few bedrooms that have just been a giant collage. Love thrifting and drooling over vintage fashion. My biggest guiltless pleasure? Sh*tty sequels. Grease 2, Sister Act 2, Home Alone 2, Mannequin 2…I don’t know, I can’t get enough of them!
  • Favorite book? Movie? TV show? 
    •  Book: Valley of the Dolls
    • Movie: A League of Their Own or License to Drive
    • TV Show: The Dick Van Dyke Show & Always Sunny
  • Song you’re obsessed with right now? I heard a jazz version of Ice Ice Baby recently, and I cannot get it out of my head. I listen to Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox’s “Sisters are Doing it for Themselves” whenever I need to get pumped.
  • Teenage celebrity crush? Current celebrity crush?
    • Teenage? Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas. Current? Jonathan. Taylor. Thomas.
  • You can only eat one dessert the rest of your life — what is it? Do sour gummies count?


Well Nathalie, you were the perfect Real Life Girl Boss to kick off this series. Thanks so much for all of the insightful and inspiring content. Congratulations on your wedding (PARIS!!!), and we’ll see you in LA soon!

P.S. Did I ever tell you I once auditioned to play JTT’s girlfriend on Last Man Standing? Would have been fulfilling both of our dreams right there. 😉

If you want to keep up with Nathalie (which, why wouldn’t you?), you can find her at all of these links below:

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Podcast –

Facebook –

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Youtube –

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