east coast meets west coast : winter style

The other day someone made a comment about how “time just goes by” in California. Without the clear markings of the seasons, it’s easy for one month to blend into the next and the next and the next. But I think, even with the springs and summers and falls and winters, that life has a way of moving forward (and exponentially faster) regardless of the temperature or the color of the leaves. And that is the very reason I started this space. To document the rapid succession of the years of my life – and to live one filled with days of intention. If we don’t live with purpose, with appreciation, with both equal drive and joy, our lives will flash by in the blink of an eye (cliché, but true).

Samantha, Los Angeles


I’ve shared all about my love for the Christmas season, so I won’t bore you with a rehash. But Christmas time in California has been good. Temperatures have dropped, fake snow has fallen at The Grove, laughs were had at The Groundlings Holiday Show (my first time), and Christmas music is being played at every eatery. I drove to Big Bear for the mountains and the snow, flew to San Francisco for a party and ice skating, and am going home to Texas this week for celebrating with family. I’m checking off my list, and I’m a happy girl.

‘Tis the season of layering, and I’ve been wearing some version of this outfit on repeat this December – this one specifically for a work holiday party. It’s cute and easy and doesn’t require too much brain power on these cold dark mornings when let’s be real, all I need is to be warm and comfortable and guzzling a big cup of coffee stat. With the hustle and bustle of the season, any place in my life where I can conserve energy is very appreciated.

I have these J.Crew tissue turtlenecks in three colors because they’re that good – comfy, flattering, and thin enough to layer. Tuck them into high waist jeans or a mini skirt with tights, and you’re ready to head out the door. This J.Crew coat was actually a $15 find on a resale clothing site, which makes the whole outfit that much better.

Outfit: Thrifted J.Crew coat, J. Crew turtleneck in dark forest, cashmere scarf from my mama, hand me down skirt, Madewell tights, Clarks shoes. Lipstick is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl.

Photos taken by Tony Castillo, edited by me.











Nikki, New York City


Now I’ll pass it over to Nikki in NYC, the queen (both the lady and the city) of all things Christmas.

Winter in New York can easily be the most miserable time of the year…but it can also be the most wonderful – Christmas time in the most fabulous city in the world.

My first winter in New York three years ago was a wake up call. Being from Texas, I’ve never had to live through months of freezing temperatures – I’m the girl that runs cold even during the warm months! My trick is to embrace it and indulge in all things cozy.

Everything is covered in tinsel and sparkling lights, and everywhere you turn you are surrounded by garland, trees, and life size nutcrackers. So, you grab your fur coat you thrifted, your fleece lined tights, and that same cashmere turtleneck you’ve been wearing every day, and you explore the magic of the city.

I recently moved to Manhattan, blocks away from 5th Avenue, and let me tell you, the department store windows never get old. It’s the time of year when your pocketbooks are tight, and all you want to do is shop! But luckily, strolling by Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, and Tiffany’s, are all an indulgence that don’t cost a penny.

When I think of Christmas, I think of the dreams of Christmas in New York I had as a child…but also of the lovely people in my life. During the day I’ll grab a coffee with a friend at the historic Plaza Hotel, where Kevin McCallister stayed when lost in New York in Home Alone 2. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center is a must, and there are Christmas markets sprinkled everywhere to find unique gifts for your loved ones. My boyfriend and I finished decorating our tree, and now our Manhattan home feels complete.

My favorite evening plans are enjoying a french onion soup and a fancy cocktail at the Russian Tea Room or bidding farewell to my girlfriends at the Dead Rabbit bar before I leave the city to visit family. But I also love cozying up at home with Bailey’s or egg nog and listening to Christmas music. Working fireplaces aren’t legal in the city anymore, but there are a couple of  HD fireplace videos on Netflix that everyone can enjoy – while cozying up to the heat of the radiator with their honey (’cause baby, it’s cold outside).

Outfit: thrifted vintage coat, CeCe turtleneck from Macy’s, Club Monaco high waisted pants, & Other Stories socks, Stella McCartney shoes off the runway, Prada loafers from Nordstrom Rack, Michael Kors watch, vintage earrings were my mother’s in the 80s, vintage purse is my grandmother’s.

Photos taken by Scott Draft, edited by me.








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P.S. To see what Nikki is up to, check out her website here.

-wonderland sam



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  1. Love this seasonal style post. So interesting the similarities and differences this time of year coast-to-coast.

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