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If you’ve been around the past few months, you’ve probably heard me gush about my love for Copenhagen. It was the first stop on my inaugural tour of Europe this past summer, and it absolutely stole my heart. The charm, the people, the fairy tale castles – absolutely all of it. I wrote about my trip and also put together a travel video if you’d like to check it out.

During my four days spent in Copenhagen, I ate pastries for breakfast every.single.day. My favorite Copenhagen treat was the Tibirkes, but I also couldn’t say no to a chocolate croissant.

So naturally, Copenhagen Pastry has been on my radar for a while now. It’s very close to where we live, but for some reason or other, we had never stopped in. And because I’ve been on a wellness journey since the summer, I’ve avoided sugary treats for breakfast as much as possible. Well, a couple weekends back, I finally threw caution to the wind and visited this quaint shop.

The exterior is as perfectly streamlined, beautiful, and minimal as you’d expect something from Copenhagen to be – what with its wooden paneling and pops of red. We decided to try their most popular pastries, the Kringle and the Copenhagen, as well the Morning Poppy (which is a croissant topped with poppy seeds – sadly missing the marzipan spread of Tibirkes). I preferred the Copenhagen (the custard!) over the Kringle, but my husband liked the opposite. The Danish woman at the counter (this is how you know it’s legit) said they’d be baking special holiday treats for the upcoming season, so I’m excited to go back to try those (and the cinnamon rolls).

So, if you’re on the west side and looking for a yummy departure from your traditional donuts (we all know LA has its fair share of those), this is the spot to try – especially if the 5 star reviews tell you anything. The only downsides: no seating, and coffee is limited to straight coffee or cold brew. But! That gives you the perfect excuse to grab a bag of pastries and hit up your favorite local coffee shop. I personally prefer Commissary on Motor Avenue – both for delicious lattes and a laid back, but pretty atmosphere.








You can find other sweet treats at Bottega Louie or B.S. Taqueria, plus a more recent travel video from Portland.

-wonderland sam


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