happy gallery wall

I call this my happy wall because it makes me just that. Out of everything in our home, this space probably sparks the most joy. I first started this project almost three years ago and thought it was time to share an update, as I’ve continued to grow and expand my collection of prints, DIY art, and photos. There’s no science to it – I collect objects on trips and from shops I find online, I craft pieces I feel are missing, and I include my favorite photographs. Because I have such a varied array of gallery wall pieces, I’ve kept it cohesive by only using white frames, which I spend the least amount of money on possible (picked up at Target, Michael’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond).

When you’re putting together your own gallery, I advise using an assortment of materials, textures, and colors – you want to give your wall character and not have anything be too symmetrical. Everything doesn’t need to be framed – as you can see, I’ve used a clipboard, washi tape, and even a binder clip to display my art. And please don’t feel limited by what an item “is”. I’ve used several greeting and postcards instead of buying full size prints, framed a “patch”, and hung a note card with some hand lettering.

Our apartment is pretty small, so I’m greeted by this little spot of happy almost constantly, and it makes a big statement in our space. It’s been a fun canvas on which to express myself, and I’ve always given myself room to shift things around and add bits of magic as I come across them – anything that speaks to me or makes me smile.

If you’re on the market for some pieces yourself -or you’d just like to explore some small business shops, scroll down to find my sources.


Magic Is Something You Make Postcard: Elise Joy

Deer Card: Oana Befort for Trader Joe’s

Dreamcatcher: Homemade

Alice in Wonderland Book Page Block: Rose Bowl Flea

Texas Map: Mapity


Embroidered Hoop: Foxes & Rabbits Shop


“Us” Card: Stay Home Club

“GET SOME” banner: Homemade


“The Happy One” Cloud Print: Portland Saturday market

Clever Girl Raptor Patch: Sad Haus Press

J.K. Rowling Print: Tender Loving Empire


Moon Phases Print: The Wheatfield



Pom Pom Garland: Homemade

Owl Masquerade Mask: Homemade

Paper Mache Rhino Mask: Homemade


Surfboard Diagram: Etsy (gifted from my sister)

“Adventurers” Wood Panel: Portland Saturday market

Labrador Postcard: NYC 9/11 Memorial Museum

Embroidered Mushrooms: Homemade


Narwhal Print: Adams Ale Art Prints

“Curiouser” Calligraphy Card: Ruche event


Holding Hands (Octopi) Greeting Card: Laura George

Terrarium Postcard: Oana Befort


Story People Print: Story People (though I found it at a local thrift shop)


Itching for an easy craft to hang up this season? Try making this fall banner or Christmas banner.

-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

7 thoughts on “happy gallery wall

  1. NICE!! It’s so great to have an area that makes you especially happy in your home! ^_^ I love the dream catcher!

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