oh, autumn : bucket list update

Every season I like to make a list – a bucket list of sorts. I live for celebrating the every day and holidays alike, and this way I can stay on track and squeeze in as much seasonal goodness as possible. This autumn I’ve been making some major headway on my list, and it’s filling my heart with happiness. Only a few more weeks to go before I officially switch over to Christmas. 😉

  • visit an orchard √
  • go on a hay ride √
    • I somehow let my friend convince me to go to the LA Haunted Hay Ride, and even though I hyperventilated in terror the whole time, I could still appreciate the production value of it all.
  • bake pumpkin bread
  • bake homemade (non-pumpkin) bread
  • bake an apple pie √
    • I use this recipe every year (+ apples from the orchard).
  • make a homemade pizza
  • make chocolate-caramel apples √
    • Always a favorite – find an easy recipe here.
  • cook a pot of chili √
    • I made TIU’s lean chili recipe earlier this month, but I think I’ll be making a batch of my mom’s favorite chili this weekend.
  • take evening walks with coffee √
    • I talked about the loveliest walk we had Halloween night here.
  • light a candle every evening √
    • Pumpkin spice all day, e’ry day.
  • decorate our garden with pumpkins √
    • Apartment living doesn’t give much room for holiday decorating, so I spruced up our outdoor space for the season.
  • drink spiked apple cider (or apple cider floats) or pumpkin spice white russians √
    • Had to try the seasonal drinks at Kennedy School while in Portland – I got the apple cider, and my husband tried the pumpkin coffee cocktail.
  • complete a craft project √
  • make homemade popcorn and watch a Halloween movie √
    • Haven’t gotten around to my husband’s famous homemade popcorn yet, but we did watch an old favorite on Halloween night – Casper. Still just as good as it was in the 90s (and also, still just as creepy when a ghost asks a 12 year old girl, “Can I keep you?”…if you were wondering).
  • go camping and make s’mores
  • crunch fallen leaves √
    • Again with the dream fulfilling, Portland.
  • visit the RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns √
    • We finally made it here this year to see 5,000 pumpkins carved and lit up.
  • reread Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone √
    • Reintroducitng this magic into my life spurred me to reread the whole series – currently almost done with book two. ❤
  • take (at least) one photo every day in October √





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You can also bake some chocolate chip cookies this autumn and bring out all your fall staples you’ve been saving for the season.

-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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