fitness : leggings & classpass

It was a sad, sad day in ClassPass land yesterday. The company, after hiking up prices twice within the past year, finally discontinued their unlimited class option and is giving us only 10 classes a month. I’m feeling all the feels along with everyone else, and not to sound dramatic, but this literally turns my life upside down. After 20 something years, I finally found a fitness routine that worked for me – something that gave me variety and directed me to workouts I actually enjoyed, something that held me accountable, something that allowed me to meet and join with other like-minded fitness friends. This change doesn’t go into effect until January – and through March they’ll be giving us 10 bonus classes each month, so I have a few months to decide what to do. Because right now, I HAVE NO IDEA (insert every sobbing/angry face emoji).

But, I did want to share something good with you guys. A while back I came across a promotion for a pair of leggings for just the cost of shipping. Too good to be true? Guess again.

The peeps at Girlfriend Collective have ethically produced high quality leggings from recycled water bottles and will send them to you for $20. Yep, you will receive the most soft, luxurious, perfectly compressed leggings you have ever worn for just $20. I can’t get over how amazing they feel and how astonishingly they hold everything in without any uncomfortable/unflattering pinching (you guys know what I’m talking about). And they have such a substantial thickness to them (without feeling stiff) that you can wear them for more than just working out – out on the town or to brunch or every day at home because I never want to take these off they’re so comfortable OH MY GOD.

This is in no way a sponsored post – I just love them so much that I wanted to spread the joy to you guys. You can redeem the offer and read more about the company here. So…get to it.













Photos taken by Tony Castle Photography, edited by me.

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-wonderland sam

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