a stranger halloween

With Halloween on a Monday, it’s been a LONG weekend of celebrating. We have an office costume party today, but we’ll be keeping it nice and relaxed this evening with some homemade popcorn and a (non-scary) movie.


I knew everyone and their mom would dress up as Stranger Things characters this year, but once I got it in my head to dress Kipling up as “Eleven” (you know, cause her blonde hair), I had to do it. I was able to put my “Dustin” costume together from our closets, compass included, and my husband crafted his “Hazmat Suit Scientist” with some Home Depot piping and a Christmas ornament container (amongst other random things). I followed this easy tutorial to make Kipling’s tutu and drew the blood with a red sharpie. Strangely enough (PUN INTENDED), the tutu didn’t bother her in the slightest – she wore it around the apartment all day Sunday.



See past Halloween costumes here and here, plus a bonus lion Kipling!

Happy Halloween!

-wonderland sam


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