that 70s show (halloween)

The day after I shared my love for the 90s, I coincidentally had an audition for a show set in the 1970s. I then immediately realized how much I love the style of this decade too (like a good pair of flares) and have been trying to convince myself for a couple years now that I do not need a suede jacket. Now that I think about it, my closet is probably filled with inspiration from most of the 20th century.

Our Halloween festivities kick off this weekend, and I’m so excited to officially start the holiday season. I somehow got suckered in to going to a haunted house, and I’m already crying just thinking about it (#bigbabyalert).

There will be caramel apples and seasonal cocktails and maybe some pumpkin carving and Halloween movies thrown in for good measure. But I do have several workouts scheduled to counterbalance the inevitable treat indulging – including a costume required hip hop and brunch event! I’ll be back on Halloween Monday to share this year’s family costumes – any guesses?

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend.

Outfit: secondhand from head to toe – turtleneck and boots from Poshmark, leather jacket from the Rose Bowl Flea, flares from Timeless Treasures (for only $2!!).

Photos by Tony Castle Photography, edited by me.







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-wonderland sam

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