90s kid

Oh, the 90s. My entire life I’ve always felt like the 1990s were just a few years ago, but in reality they were SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. WHAT. You know when your parents used to say, “Oh, I haven’t seen so and so in 10 years. I haven’t eaten at that restaurant in 15.” Well, now we can say it.  Umph.

There were a lot of good great things about the 90s. I still lament that I never owned a Skip-It and didn’t get to compete on Legends of the Hidden Temple – basically my only dream in life. I lived for visits to my grandma’s house to watch Rugrats and Boy Meets World because we never had cable at our house.

But because I was a kid during the 90s (and didn’t buy my own clothes), I didn’t get to experience the fashion in all its glory. My biggest inspiration was the Olsen twins circa  It Takes Two with their backward hats and overalls (of which I’m sure I owned a few). My favorite movie was Clueless, but it’d still be a few years until I was able to wear mini skirts and drive around town in a white jeep.

So now that 90s fashion is recycling itself (as is every other decade), I’m pretty happy about it. Especially the high waists-  because can we all agree you should never wear any other type of jeans?! Add in ankle boots, denim, mini skirts, and cropped tops, and we’re living in a 90s DREAM. I’m even thankful for the whole tie a sweater around your waist thing because honestly, I never stopped doing that (just now I don’t stick out like a sore thumb). And the mini backpacks? I’ve always preferred those over regular purses (old lady shoulder pain). If I had to stick with one decade to wear, it’d probably be this.

Outfit: top/shoes/bag thrifted from flea markets, tights from Madewell, skirt from Urban Outfitters.

Photos by Tony Castle Photography, edited by me.






Now crank up your Third Eye Blind and revel in allll the 90s nostalgia (because let’s be real, it also had the best music).

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-wonderland sam


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6 thoughts on “90s kid

    1. Thanks so much! It really is crazy how it was so long ago – I mean, I can remember the whole Y2K crisis-meltdown everyone was having like it was yesterday haha. #oldpeopleproblems

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