portland, oregon : part one

Portland was even more magical and charming and perfect our second visit. I legit had to stop myself from crying multiple times due to the beauty of it all, and I’m sure I started to sound like a broken record each time I gasped and squealed at the changing leaves. It was the anniversary trip of my dreams, so you’ll have to bear with me as I share a lot of photos. Keep scrolling to see what we did during our trip, and if you haven’t been, go. Stat.

P.S. Andrea, thank you for giving me such a wonderfully thorough itinerary/list of suggestions for this dream city. ❤


Let me first say that just walking or driving through Portland neighborhoods is breathtaking. The New England style homes, the rain, the fallen leaves. Seriously, if all we did was drink coffee and sit on the front porch, the trip would have been amazing.





But we couldn’t go to Portland without eating donuts – the city and the sweet treats are basically synonymous. This time we tried Pip’s Original Doughnuts. If you’re a fan of  fresh, warm cake donuts in miniature form (so you can try every flavor), this is your spot. I also can’t get over the coffee cups – I’m all about good branding and lettering.




I’m not ashamed to admit that I am an Ace Hotel photo booth groupie. Of course, I’ll beeline straight to any photo booth I see, but the blacks in the Ace strips are just so.good. We got our second latte of the day and enjoyed the beautiful lobby light.




The best part of downtown Portland is that it’s completely walkable and full of so many shops and food joints – you can easily spend an entire day there. We stopped in Powell’s (humongous store of new and used books) again to browse and pick up some fun gifts before grabbing a slice of pizza at Sizzle Pie across the street. To be honest, the pizza in the display case didn’t look too appetizing, but once we got our hot slices out of the oven, they were SO GOOD. And, I’m kind of a pizza fanatic, so…

We didn’t leave a lot of time for shopping on this trip, but we did pop into Tender Loving Empire, which is full of so many fun and unique prints, music, and small gifts. New addition to my gallery wall? Check.



The only thing I really and truly wanted to do on this visit was see pretty autumn leaves. And boy Portland, did you deliver. My husband was the real MVP during the trip – even suggesting we PULL OVER to take photos next to them. Man of my dreams right there.








There were supposed to be damaging winds on Saturday, but we lucked out and only had to deal with some sprinkling rain here and there. We decided to check out the Rose Test Garden, and even though there weren’t too many blooms, walking in the fall weather was all I really wanted any way. Also, ^ dream house.







By this time we were starved, so we headed to Alberta Street to grab an early dinner. So many fun (and uplifting) wall murals! We ate Indian street food at Bollywood Theater, and man was everything we ordered GOOD. Highly suggest eating there on your trip.

If you haven’t yet, you absolutely must try Salt & Straw ice cream. We’ve got it in LA now, so it wasn’t a necessary stop on this trip, but if we weren’t too full, we surely would have picked up a cone.




What we ate: Kati Roll with beef, Lamb Samosas, and a special cauliflower dish. Recommend it all.




After a late flight the night before and a full day running around the city, we were pretty beat. We grabbed (our third of the day) coffee from Caffe Vita and went back to the house to relax to the sound of the rain outside.


We eventually rallied and decided to head out one more time before the night was over. I wanted to check out Kennedy School– an old school turned hotel with a restaurant, several bars, a movie theater, and a soaking pool. The concept is so neat – guest rooms are old classrooms, and the bars are named after school rooms – Detention, Boiler Room, Honors, etc. We only went to grab a drink, and some of the rooms were closed due to private events, but it was a fun spot. Bonus points for the creepy paintings on the walls that really give you all the old school, Halloween-esque vibes.

I’ll be back to share more of our trip (this was only Saturday after all). Portland is the perfect weekend destination for us because it’s a relatively short flight, and the city is so small (seriously, 15 minutes to get somewhere is considered “far”), that you can explore so much of it in two days’ time.

Portland, you’ve stolen my heart all over again. ❤

-wonderland sam

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