lunch’n la : churros at b.s. taqueria

You know those people who say, “I’m not a ‘sweets’ person.”? Can we all just agree that what they really mean is – we’ve finally discovered alien life?

Only half joking. The day I say “I’m not a ‘sweets’ person” is the day I stop living. For real though. I’ve only kind of kicked my need to eat chocolate every day, and even that statement is pushing it. What I really mean is I’ve learned to control myself. But have I given up sweets? Absolutely not.

So let me introduce you to the dessert that defined “melts in your mouth”: the churros at B.S. Taqueria in downtown Los Angeles. You might be thinking – really, a churro? Yes, like you, I thought churros were only Disneyland snacks and don’t qualify as a bonafide dessert – much less one you’d get in every day life. But, like you, I was wrong.

They are so warm and light and like I said, literally melt in your mouth. I’ve never eaten a churro like this (or six, because that’s what this comes with). I don’t even need *gasp* the chocolate dipping sauce it comes with. It’s that good that I AM REFUSING CHOCOLATE GUYS.

So, perfect for a lunchtime dessert or even better…a late night snack after a couple of drinks downtown. The decision is yours. But really it’s not. Cause…you’re going to eat the churro.


Can we also talk about the letter boards and vibrant colors in this joint? A+, guys. A+.




Does it look like I’m in love with them? That’s because I AM.




Photos taken by Tony Castillo, edited by me.

Chambray top and corduroy pants from Madewell. Makeup products linked below.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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