3 classic books to read this fall

This time of year is perfect for a lot of things. Fueling your pumpkin obsession by buying all 36 pumpkin flavored foods at Trader Joe’s and posting 5,000 pumpkin photos on Instagram. Having no shame in immediately throwing on sweatpants and slippers as soon as you open up your front door. Not shaving your legs and guzzling multiple lattes a day.

But really, one of the greatest things about this season is you have every excuse to cozy up and READ. New books or old favorites, with the shorter days and colder weather, you’re almost obligated to spend all of your time reading. Personally, as this time of year is all about the cheer, I like to read books that just make me feel good, you know? Usually I’m transported to those magical-feel-good-places when I read a book that’s written from a child’s perspective. Their hearts are so pure and imaginations so grand that you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t doubt that as an adult you can enjoy these types of books – I read all of these for the first time as an adult, and they absolutely stole my heart.

With that being said, why not get around to finally reading those classics you’ve never gotten around to? And I don’t mean those boring “classics” that everyone says you should read but that no one actually likes (you all know what I’m talking about). Here are some of my old favorites that I just might have to reread over these next few months:



To Kill a Mockingbird – I was late to the game on this one. But guess what? It’s now my favorite book. And I’ve never been able to say that about a book before. I fell so in love with the characters and the story that I legit laughed out loud multiple times and felt my heart constrict every time they felt pain. The story is still so relevant today and so, so very good.


Anne of Green Gables – Oh, am I a sucker for anything that celebrates LIFE, and this book does just that. Living in the countryside, Anne’s innocent and vulnerable outlook on the world is so beautiful, and you can’t help but appreciate life a little bit more having read it.


Harry Potter – all of ’em, any of ’em. This is another one I was suuuuper late to, and even though I watched all the movies growing up, I didn’t finish reading the series until last fall. Is it too soon for me to read them over again? NOPE! Bonus: they’re coming out with illustrated versions each year, and they are beautiful.




P.S. I’m a strong opponent of reading the backs of book covers or really the summaries of books anywhere if I can help it. Generally, they never make the book sound interesting (in my opinion) and often give away too many spoilers. I like delving into my books knowing nothing beyond maybe the general genre.

Have any books you recommend? I’m always adding to my list.

-wonderland sam


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