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When I first moved to Los Angeles I was on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket. Nothing too dark or too stiff or too boxy or too oversized. I got lucky and snagged this one at the Melrose Trading Post – a flea market that is held every Sunday in West Hollywood.

Jump forward a couple more years, and with my discovery of this brand, also came my discovery of the most perfect patch in the history of the world to ever incapsulate who I am. Thus began my love of finding fun and unique patches and pins – flair if you will – to add onto my denim. I know as of late this has all become very trendy…and you can even purchase jean jackets with the patches already sewed on. But I think the fun of decking out your jacket is that you can make it unique to you. You can enjoy the hunt. It’s such a creative way to – quite literally – wear your personality on your sleeve. And since I often get comments on my different patches and pins, I thought I’d share some of the sources.


Sometimes I like to pick up a new patch when I travel as my souvenir. I figure it goes to much better use than a key chain or magnet. I found this pretty flower patch at a cute little shop during my trip to Seattle this summer, and the Beatles one is a (no shame) Las Vegas find.



Other times I get my flair from others. This Alice pin was a gift from my mother-in-law, and a couple of my patches are from my husband’s Tiger and Cub Scout days. I even have one from my father-in-law’s Boy Scouting days in 1963…how cool is that! These ones are extra special to me because they tie me to my family and are super throwbacks – we all know I’m a sucker for nostalgia.


And then, I do come across awesome flair at different online shops. This “Frequent Crier Program” eagle patch was my first purchase (that I talked about above) and is from Stay Home Club – you’ve most likely seen me wear a couple of their perfect tees as well. The bird patch, which you’ll see at the end of this post, also popped up on their site recently, and I had to immediately purchase it. The heart patch, “bonjour” pin, and unicorn pin are all from ban.do, which is pretty much the mecca of all things fun and happy.

For a while I was on a search for that perfect pizza pin – cause you guys know I’m all about that pizza. There’s no shortage of them to be sure, but I wanted one that didn’t look like a gross piece of drippy pizza on my chest (weirdly enough, pizza is not as appetizing in pin form). I relayed my search to my cousin and her boyfriend, Tony, and Tony pulled through and directed me to this shop. Cute birds flying with pizza? YES PLEASE.





P.S. Most patches are advertised as “Iron On”, and while that may be true, I found that ironing the patches on didn’t work for me. As in…an hour later they’d already fall off. You can either take them to a dry cleaner’s and ask them to sew on your patches, or, like me, you can use your lack of sewing skills and sloppily stitch them on with a machine. Hey, it gives the jacket character, right?

Happy pinning!

*Photos taken by Tony Castillo, edited by me.

-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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