fall garden

Los Angeles may not bring autumnal weather (it has been noticeably cooler the past two days), but don’t doubt that I’ll bring the season to my life any way I can. A 600 square foot apartment doesn’t leave much room for fall decor, so instead I like to spruce up our outdoor area (which in fact isn’t our outdoor area but really just a concrete slab you cross to enter our apartment – we’ll take what we can get). We replanted our wooden planters (see the DIY here) with seasonal foliage, and I set some pumpkins down to live among the flowers. I also revamped our fall wreath for a little change on our front door. If you want to fall-ify your own patio, these annuals (seasonal flowers) were super cheap, and Trader Joe’s has the most affordable selection of pumpkins (trust me, I’ve checked ’em out everywhere). As the weather gets cooler (crossing my fingers), I hope to spend many a morning out here sipping coffee and catching up on my reading. It makes my heart so very happy.

P.S. It’s worth mentioning that we replanted some produce plants as well – scroll down to see all of our baby tomatoes growing!









-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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