exploring la : solstice canyon

Because of my shoulder, my workouts haven’t been what I’d like them to be this past month. I think that discouragement has made me seriously slack on the food side of things as well. So this next month I’m participating as best as I can in the #TIU31 fitness and nutrition challenge to kick my butt back into gear (it’s not too late to join!). On the schedule for Sunday was a 5K walk or run, and since my knee hates running (my body really is falling apart), I thought a hike would be a nice compromise. I’ve been meaning to check out some new hiking spots in LA, so this was the perfect excuse to set aside some time Sunday morning to explore Solstice Canyon in Malibu.

When you arrive, there is a small parking lot at the bottom of the hill, as well as a (slightly larger) lot up top. We were able to find parking pretty easily, and if not, hikers kept coming back and opening up spots. We decided to do the roughly 3.5 mile hike – up Rising Sun Trail to the Roberts Ranch Ruins and back down Solstice Canyon Trail. The trail is rated “moderate” and though not much of a challenge, it will get your blood pumping a bit for a little added workout. The first half felt relatively secluded with a pretty view of the ocean, and as you arrive to the ruins, you are greeted by some really beautiful greenery (though the waterfall was literally just a trickle in this drought). I took advantage of our stop at the ruins to get in my “5 Daily Moves” and have a snack. The trail back was mostly flat or downhill, so it was an easy ending to our hike.



If you’re in LA and looking for a new hiking trail to try, I’d definitely recommend this spot. It’s away from the city – but not too far (took us about 35 minutes from the west side without traffic…go early!) – and isn’t overrun with people like some of the inner city trails (like Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park). Parking wasn’t too much of a pain, dogs are allowed on leash, and they have restrooms at the bottom. Plus, you can always stop somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway to grab brunch afterwards!









I’m hoping to make this more of a regular thing on the weekends. Getting up early and heading outdoors always boosts my mood. Have any LA hikes you recommend?

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