I began writing this post before my unfortunate shoulder injury a few weeks ago, so as of late, I haven’t been able to attend classes that require much of an arm/shoulder workout (which severely limits me). It’s a bummer for sure, and I’m trying to straddle that line of letting it rest but also not letting my fitness fall to the wayside. I was in such a great rhythm of workout out, enjoying new activities, challenging myself, and learning new tricks. I just started taking some magnesium supplements after my doctor suggested a deficiency in it may be the reason for my muscle spasms/injuries.

So, here’s my post as it stood before:

I’m sure I’m starting to sound like a broken record over here, but I really cannot get over my obsession with ClassPass. The real miracle here is that not only am I exercising every day, but I’m actually looking FORWARD to it. I mean, it only took a couple of decades, but better late than never, amirite? I’ve basically been spending all my time researching new studios and classes to try, and there are just SO MANY. Seriously, not enough hours in the day to get to them all. I squeeze in classes when I can – whether during lunch, right after work, or Saturday/Sunday mornings to get my weekends started. I’ve been nervous about sharing my favorites in fear the classes will get more full and harder to sign up for. But, alas, I guess I should spread the love. Also, if anyone wants to be ClassPass buddy, let me know! Working out is better with some friendly support. 😉

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Aerial : my saving grace I never knew I needed.

It’s fun. It’s bendy. It challenges you to learn new tricks. I mean, who HASN’T wanted to be a Cirque du Soleil performer at some point in their lives? My favorite place to go is Air Aerial Fitness, which uses the aerial hammock.

Tumbling : my favorite thing forever and ever, amen.

In my younger days (cue crying), I was a cheerleader. But what I really loved about the sport was the tumbling aspect of it. But you know the phrase – if you don’t use it, you lose it? Well, 12 years of not tumbling will knock you off your game a bit. Thankful for muscle memory and that some of it’s coming back quicker than I thought it would. Not many places offer this, but Aerial Warehouse is my jam (P.S. they also offer aerial, parkour, and acro-yoga).

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Barre : using muscles you never knew you had – it hurts so good.

I think by now everyone is familiar with the phenomenon that is Ballet Barre classes. I’m a big supporter of this slow burning workout and have tried several studios. My favorite by far is The Bar Method – the perfect balance of difficulty and time spent on exercises. The teachers really focus on form (they will not hesitate to correct you), which I really, really love.

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Yoga : because we all know I’m just a ball of anxiety.

Yoga is something I’ve slightly dabbled in the past few years. I’m not a fan of cardio, but I want my workouts to be challenging. Yoga often left me yearning for more (and also very distracted). I’ve realized the key to loving and growing in your practice is really focusing on having the correct form in every position – from the smallest to the most challenging. It helps your mind not wander and also forces you to get in a great workout (like, work up a sweat workout). I’ve been going weekly, and it’s really stealing my heart – I like the “Ripped” class at YAS Fitness (yoga with weights).

Boxing : nothing makes you feel better than punching it out (not condoning violence).

As you can see, I don’t implement a ton of cardio into my fitness routine. I’ve always hated it but also understand it’s a necessary evil. I have a love/hate relationship with spin (the love is mostly when I’m done and realize I DID IT), so I needed to find something else I could (mostly) just love. Enter : boxing. One step closer to playing a killer CIA badass and knocking people out left and right. 😉

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Dance: makes me the happiest.

As a cheerleader in junior high/high school and an amateur dancer, dance has always been something I wholeheartedly enjoy (and is always an instant, HUGE mood booster). It’s often hard to find dance classes that aren’t so basic I’m bored to tears – or so difficult that I’m embarrassed at my lack of training. Two new spots I’m loving for a good in-between of getting your dance fix on (and I’m not talking Jazzercise or Zumba because sorry, not a fan) are Ballet Bodies (for your inner ballerina) and MVMT (making all my hip-hop dreams come true). These help me get in some of that missed cardio while having a blast doing so.

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Water Sports: because I can’t believe these are offered on ClassPass!

I have yet to take advantage of these “classes”, but you can sign up for surf lessons or paddle board/kayak rentals. I mean, WHAT.

 The beauty of ClassPass is that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of studios you can access – so many different forms of exercise that you may never have even heard of, and I’m lucky that I live in a big city with such an awesome variety. Some people think the monthly expense is too much (it varies depending on your city), but compared to paying for classes at these studios à la carte, it’s nothing! Plus, your health is the biggest thing you should invest in – worth whatever the cost in my opinion. And having to pay $15 if you cancel within 12 hours? Biggest motivator to get in that workout. 😉 I can’t wait to try more and add to my list of go-tos.

-wonderland sam

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