east coast meets west coast : summer style

My friend Nikki lives in NYC – you might have seen that I got to visit her earlier this year. We had the very best time, as we share just about every interest under the sun – from our career path (acting) to fashion, cocktail hour, photo booths, and fries. She’s also the one who encouraged me to try aerial, which of course I’ve fallen in love with. Only opposites in our hair color and coast. ❤

Since it doesn’t look like we can meet up anytime soon (cue crying), we’ve decided to virtually meet here in blog land – sharing our west coast and east coast styles for these last days of summer.

Samantha, Los Angeles


To be honest, it’s more or less summer in LA year around. Though I lament the lack of seasons (specifically fall), I’ll take 75 and sunny over shoveling snow and sub zero temps any day. That being said, the city really thrives during the summer months (and I don’t mean with the influx of tourists). The ocean water gets “warm” enough to swim in without a wetsuit, and the town throws all kinds of fun (and sometimes free) events to get people outdoors to celebrate the longer days – like pier concerts, live jazz, and outdoor movies. Longer days = extended beach time and happy hours. It means more hours to take evening walks to grab tacos. It means (maybe) forgoing that cardigan you cart with you year round to survive the cool nights.

Because LA doesn’t experience extreme temps (and you spend so much of your time in the car), you can get away with dressing just about any way you choose – I never have to look at the forecast. And because it really is a huge melting pot of a city – attire and personal style is never really questioned.

I personally enjoy shopping secondhand over new (which is also the only way I can afford designer fashion), but I do have a soft spot for certain brands like Madewell (for really great denim and classically tailored tops), as well as kitschy brands like Camp Collection and Stay Home Club for fun and graphic tees. Fast fashion stores overwhelm me, but I did pop into Zara for a sale earlier this summer and snagged this off-the-shoulder dress (a first for me). I don’t love wearing strapless bras, and I really didn’t think I could pull off this current trend. But the pattern, the midi length, and the ease of this dress made me take the chance (plus I found out it had pockets AFTER I bought it – wins all around). I love the Spanish influence of this style and thought Pershing Square, a colorful public park in downtown LA, was the perfect backdrop to celebrate this city’s culture. I also wore this dress during my birthday getaway in the vineyards of Northern California, where a sweet older lady at a local café told me I had the best dress she’d seen all day.

Outfit: dress is from Zara (similar here), shoes are Rachel Comey thrifted at the Rose Bowl Flea, vintage basket purse from my mama’s closet.

Photos taken by Tony Castillo, edited by me.












Nikki, New York City


“I’m a Texas girl, born and raised. But in my heart there has always been something electric about the city of New York– especially the clothes. Summer in the city is one of the most vibrant times. It’s no secret that the city that never sleeps is lucky to experience ALL seasons, with a pretty long winter (Annie Hall Layers & fall clothing are my favorite –I live for cashmere and a great pair of boots). But… sweet, sweet summer is full of life and dreamy activities. Sipping cocktails on rooftops, chilling with friends at Rockaway Beach, picnicking in Central Park, or grabbing some junk food (Nathan’s Hot Dogs/Cotton Candy/Grilled Corn) on the boardwalk of Coney Island. Whatever your cup of tea is–it usually involves savoring the sunshine while it lasts!

I always wear something comfy because I’m usually out exploring all day, trekking through the city streets & hopping from train to train to get to my next destination (usually involving some type of food). Functional but fashionable pieces are great because NY allows you to take any fashion risk you desire. Everyone has their own unique style and walks around confidently owning it. It’s a great excuse for me to wear feminine pieces that make me feel confident and sexy in my own unique quirky way. There is a RIDICULOUS amount of amazing shopping. This is no secret and is not always awesome for your pocket book. So, I love pairing an affordable but classic piece from ZaraAritzia, Reformation or Club Monaco with a vintage statement piece (usually something I’ve treasure hunted in thrift stores on the Upper East Side) or a designer accessory.

I just recently bought this pair of Tom Ford black framed sunglasses that I’m obsessed with. And my number one priority for shoes is comfort. You need a great pair of sturdy sandals or flats because you’ll be on your feet from the moment you step out the door until the moment you fall into bed after a day of window shopping and Aperol spritz with girlfriends. Summer in New York is short, sweet, fun, and fast. You have to jam pack all your favorite warm weather styles in two months before their hibernation until the next year!”

Outfit: sunglasses are Tom Ford, two piece outfit from Reformation, cactus blouse from Zara, shoes are Corso Como, backpack from Urban Outfitters.

Photos taken by Scott Draft, edited by Samantha.






P.S. To keep up with Nikki, check out her website here. And to see Tony’s other shoots with me, look here.

-wonderland sam


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