instagram spotlight : style

Back with round two of my Instagram spotlight – this time focusing on those accounts that have killer style.

I’ve had an interest in fashion since high school – experimenting with so many different looks  (some that I’d rather not remember) but always having fun along the way. Trends have come and gone, and I’ve more or less learned what style and fit of clothes suits my body type (which really comes in handy when online shopping). The past year and a half I’ve streamlined my closet and invested in pieces I really love. Sure, I’m no stranger to the impulse buy, but I’ve tried to make a real effort when it comes to my closet. Classic pieces are a must, but I also won’t shy away from those unique finds (usually vintage) that help spice up my wardrobe. For me, getting dressed should be fun and make me feel good.

As I’ve said before, there is no shortage of inspiration on Instagram – often to the point where it’s overwhelming. But I try to remember that Instagram is only the highlights – that those girls you see wearing new outfits every day are usually doing that as their JOB. It’s work for them (and they’re also getting sent a lot of free clothes).

Here are some of the women I follow that continue to inspire me with their fashion choices. Lately I’ve been drawn to more minimalist, streamlined style – clothing that seems effortless and never goes out of style, but I also can’t say no to that awesome vintage game. And color. Ugh, OK, I love it all. Without further ado, here they are:

2016-08-16 10.34.41


2016-08-16 10.39.28


2016-08-16 10.38.58


2016-08-16 10.40.40


2016-08-16 10.38.03


2016-08-16 10.37.38


2016-08-16 10.35.05


2016-08-16 10.37.08

fancytreehouse (I mean, her daughter dresses better than me.)

2016-08-16 10.36.43


2016-08-16 10.36.15


2016-06-23 12.00.18

P.S. You can follow mine here – wonderlandsam.


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