life as of late

Man, it’s been a while. Still trying to figure out that work-life balance thing. March was a busy month for me – what with spending the entirety of my days editing, shooting footage, and recording voiceover for a big video project at work, as well as attending a slew of casting workshops in the evenings and on the weekends (plus preparing material for said workshops and a showcase), I’m wiped out. Taking this next month to recover and catch up – on taxes (ugh) – and on planning my Europe trip (yay!). The warmer temps (though it’s been gloomy the past couple days) and the longer days are GIVING ME LIFE. The jasmine blooming next to my front door and our garden springing back to life after the dead of winter are both making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I’m trying to focus on my health, both mind and body, as well as how I get dressed in the morning. I sometimes forget how fun it can be to coordinate outfits and how much better I feel when I’m excited about my clothing, rather than always slumming it in black denim and a tee (though I will forever love that simple combo). So needless to say, my Poshmark addiction has been coming back in full force. At some point I’d love to document my wardrobe during the week and/or my thrifted finds.

On focusing on this life of mine, as the days go by slowly and the years go by quickly, I want to appreciate my time spent. No regrets. And I’ve realized how insecure and dependent of a person I’ve always been. I met my husband my second day after moving to college and wholeheartedly relied on him throughout. Now that I’ve grown, and learned, and changed so much these past years, I’m kind of reclaiming myself again (or for the first time). I’m becoming okay with doing things on my own. Happy about it even. He was sick one weekend, so I spent a day in Santa Monica by myself doing exactly as I wanted, and I didn’t feel awkward or weird about it. That same weekend we had a camping trip planned, and he still wasn’t feeling up to it, so I took my niece instead. My first time camping without another adult’s support. I did it and had the best time, and it was so EMPOWERING. Basically I’m realizing that not only am I capable of doing all the things I dream, but I can actually do them well and have a blast doing so, even on my own. Be independent. Do what you want. Don’t doubt yourself.

P.S. He wasn’t so sick that he needed my unwavering support at home. Basically he needed to rest up and watch TV (I’m not that bad of a wife, I swear).

Anyway, I’m hoping the skies clear up this weekend because I’ve got a busy weekend of fun, friend time planned – game night, a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea (I haven’t been since I moved here 3 years ago!), and dinner and an art show. My only complaint is the weekends aren’t long enough, so if someone would like to spearhead a “3-day-weekend-every-weekend” campaign, I’ll be your #1 supporter.

These photos are from my last roll of film I just got developed. I’ve been slow with the “big cameras”, so these stretch as far back as December.


My perfect nephew.



San Diego Zoo on New Year’s Day.








Our girls’ weekend camping trip in Big Bear.







Is she not, literally, the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?




-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

3 thoughts on “life as of late

  1. I had come across that saying a little while ago, “the days are long/go by slowly and the years are short/go by quickly,” and I absolutely love it! I also love that you’re finding comfort in yourself and in independence. It’s inspiring. I would totally and completely be right there alongside you as a 3-day weekend every week supporter. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t be happier about your incredible campfire skills! You’re going to have an amazing time in Europe!

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