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As I’ve mentioned, we are finally being grown-ups and buying furniture and overhauling our apartment, and guys I AM GOING ALL OUT. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. So now that we’ve got the couch and the shelf in place and the media console on its way, the last big piece is the rug. THE RUG. Do you realize how much complexity lies in those two little words?

Rug shopping is difficult, yo.

Well, it’s difficult when you have 5000 pieces of criteria that must be met.

Rugs USA
  1. It has to be light (in color) because our apartment is a cave within which no sunlight enters, and it makes me sad, so I have to battle it somehow.
  2. It has to be light without showing dirt because two steps into our apartment you will be walking on it (and most likely 100% with your shoes on) and also we have a dog who sometime steps in poop mud and runs in a dusty dog park and like to roll around like a crazy person. So how can it be light but also not get filthy?!
  3. Dog hair. This is probably the trickiest criteria. Dog hair cannot get stuck in the rug. White dog hair can not show up like it does all over my black clothes. And when said dog hair does get on the rug (see above rolling around like a crazy person), I have to be able to vacuum it up. Completely. Or at least enough to where I can trick people into thinking we don’t have a dog that sheds profusely.
  4. It has to be soft. If it’s going to feel like plastic or sticks, I might as well stick to the wood floor. I want a rug not just because of the added decor element, but because I want something soft underfoot. And comfortable to lie down on with Kipling to cuddle (especially since she is now, for sure, not allowed on our new couch).
  5. To be comfortable it needs to be thicker than those pretend rugs that are more like throw blankets.
  6. I want something simple, but also something fun and unique…which way do I go?
  7. I want to spend, like, $200. Because who knows how well it will hold up to all of my demands?


It has to be light, but not too light, stain and dirt resistant, soft but not shaggy, cheap but not look cheap.

Where can I find this miracle rug?

Also, really, though not adding the pop of color I dream of to the space, grey would probably be the best choice. BUT OUR COUCH IS GREY. Will it clash? Will it look chic?

Rugs USA
West Elm

I know nothing about rugs, even after my days – weeks – of searching. I don’t know what I want. Simplistic, Moroccan, Southwestern? Solid or patterned? We’ve got a mid century vibe going on but also bright patterns/textures in our gallery wall and tablecloth. If the rugs I included in this post tell you anything,  it’s that I don’t know what will look good with our space and our furniture until it’s on the floor.

Rugs USA

As I have a meltdown over rug shopping, can you help me find a shoe rack? Something no bigger than 3 ft by 3 ft but that also looks nice and…not like a shoe rack. Easy, right?

-wonderland sam


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