winter blues

I can’t be the only one thinking it – now that Christmas is over, can we stop with the cold weather already and fast forward to summer? Without the twinkle lights and festive merriment, it’s just not cute anymore. But alas, this icy monster is making it even harder to rise out of bed in the morning (will that ever get easier?), or let’s be honest, wear cute clothes. If I’m being completely honest, I also want more daylight for more photos but also the important stuff like Vitamin D and my SANITY.

Of course, I realize when I say “cold weather” and “icy”, that LA winter doesn’t remotely fit these categories, but I’m a big baby and want my 78 degrees back please and thank you.

I also fully realize I will regret this when it is 98 degrees inside our apartment and all the windows are open and clothes are off and there is no escaping the sweltering hell.

I just want everything to be perfectly how I want it -is that too much to ask?

Anyway, here in my part of the world I’m trying to cope with all the post Christmas blues and New Year hoopla and the mundane-wasting-away-of my-life-at-work.

So, what am I doing? Catching up on reading. Watching award season movies. Planning things for a friend’s visit next weekend. Getting to workout classes. All things to help in some small way, but what else is there? I’m thinking more getting out of the house and exploring LA is in order. We tend to stick to the same side (our side) of town because driving in traffic (which is all the time) can get tiresome.

On that note, I have to say, if you want to visit LA and don’t want to do like, beachy things that require warm weather, the holidays are the best time to do it. Because literally 5 million people leave the city, and it only takes 15 minutes to get anywhere, and WHAT IS THIS.

I’m also currently dreaming about furniture and overhauling our (tiny) apartment, but in the meantime I should probably do a craft or something, so I don’t go too crazy.

 Really this post is to ask how you suggest one deal with winter sadness, and also where do all the cool kids hang out in LA? I WANT TO FIND THEM.

I’ll stop here before I over spill every thought in every corner of my brain. ‘Til next time (if you decide to come back)!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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