belated halloween

OH MY GOD IT’S COLD OUTSIDE!!! Guys, if there’s anything that can affect my mood, it’s the weather (and food, if I’m being honest). And this week (albeit a little late for my liking), the weather has cooled off. As in I have to wear a jacket! All my dreams are coming true.

I shared a recap of my October but didn’t include these photos from our office Halloween party. I for sure was going to dress up for Halloween, so I made the rest of the office do it too (slash guilted them into it) by planning a potluck lunch/costume contest. Because of my incessant guilt trips, we actually had a ton of food, and a fair amount of people dressed up. Whatever it takes, right?

Halloween weekend we watched my horror film with some friends, carved pumpkins, and went to Street Food Cinema’s showing of Shaun of the Dead in Exposition Park. A very Halloweeny time if you ask me.

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-1

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-4

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-17

Instead of doing a couple’s costume this year, we each wanted to dress up as characters from our favorite stories. And for Whitney – that was a Jurassic Park worker…

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-18

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-21

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-38

20151030 WPM Halloween Potluck-31

This is Tony, our resident photographer and Photoshop extraordinaire.

-wonderland sam

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