reading : I See You Everywhere by Julia Glass (a find at a Little Free Library). I took a break to read the 5th Harry Potter and am almost done with this one. I have a lot of progress to make on my reading challenge for the year – next up is Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

listening : Spotify’s “Fun Workout” playlist because I’ve finally started working out again. One of these days I need to make my won playlist.

smelling : perfume. Or making an effort to. It’s never been something I’ve thought much about, but I’m trying to get into the habit of using it (if I can remember). I have nothing fancy but a small bottle of body spray and some perfume my sister gifted to me for Christmas one year. Any suggestions on some awesome scents?

watching : We just finished Daredevil (not entirely impressed), are watching True Detective season 2 (the only thing I really like about it is Rachel McAdams) and are going to watch Wet Hot American Summer (the series) this weekend because it just got released today (hoping this one is less disappointing than the others)!

feeling : settled at work. I’ve got a grasp on things and am feeling productive and like my place here. Plus, it’s always a relief to have some extra income coming in.

planning : a birthday trip! I’ve never been to Palm Springs, so it looks like that is on the list this year. Any recommendations?

catching up : on sleep. Or I did during my visit to Texas. With work and out of town visitors and trips, I hadn’t slept in past 7 am for six weeks straight or so (this is a huge deal for me).

working on : my fitness. Isn’t this always the case (or the well-intended but not very fruitful case)? I started the whole after-workout-selfie-text thing with our friend Alex to help motivate me.

cooking : honestly, not a lot these days. Since I’m working full time alongside my husband now, he’s started to cook a bit more (I always took on that duty previously). He really wants to become a master at making ribs.

going : to the beach this weekend (I hope).

wishing : for a sale, so I can buy this tee.

brainstorming : ways to live a fuller, happier, more successful life!

anticipating : my birthday trip, family visits, fall, THE HOLIDAYS! Can you believe it’s already August? A few weeks ago I was wondering to myself why our apartment had gotten so hot (we don’t have AC) when summer had barely started. But, duh, it’s been summer for a while now…it has just flown by! But honestly, summer is always, and has been, so good.

receiving : this sea salt hair mist, which I think will be a great product to use when I have to wash my hair in the morning.

buying : a disposable water camera never again. The photos from our kayaking trip didn’t turn out so hot, and I am so bummed about it. Guess it’s time for a GoPro!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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