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A visit with my sister is obviously never complete without a photo shoot. During my time back home in Texas, we were busy, and it was HOT, but we managed to squeeze in few minutes to take some shots outside of my sister’s apartment. I really haven’t used my DSLR at all this year, so it took me a minute to adjust to using it again. I generally love the images I take with it, but I have realized how much more relaxed shooting with film is. Sure, I take longer to compose the shot and don’t want to waste any film, but I’m not as obsessed with having the image come out perfect (and I do no editing on my film photos, which is always a relief). I think with digital (and especially with editing) there is this stigma that the photos have to be immaculate and of magazine worthy caliber. There is a place in my heart for both digital and film, but there is a time and place for each, and I love them for different reasons.

P.S. In case it wasn’t clear, these photos are digital and are edited.

P.P.S. I always love taking photos of my sister, but I am forever on the hunt for a sunflower field to take some in. If anyone knows of a glorious field of these beauties near LA or Austin, pleaaase let me know.








romper (Urban Outfitters) / hat (Brixton)

-wonderland sam

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