pros of an office job


So, guess what? I got an office job. And not as a sign of defeat with my acting career. But here’s the story:

My husband’s office was without an administrative assistant for a week or two. As the staff is growing, and the office is preparing for a move, hiring someone new fell to the wayside. He casually mentioned that I could help fill in for a week or two, and now I’m here, helping out at least for the next few months. I didn’t know how I’d like it. I’ve never had a full time job (just a variety of multiple part time jobs), and the times I’ve worked in an office I either disliked very much or was with several people in a casual environment I could talk to to get through the day. Besides the boss being totally supportive of my need to leave for auditions, etc., I’m making some extra income, and getting to see my husband (though not too much, we are on opposite ends of the office). I also knew pretty much everyone in the office already from BBQs and company parties. It’s a pretty perfect set up. I’ve been here two weeks, and here are some of the things I’m loving so far (for those that are struggling with the hum drum of office life, let’s change our attitude, shall we?!):

Routine: Since I had to keep my days open for auditions, I had no set routine. My days were open and free, and I got in a bad habit of not doing anything with them (who needs to when you have endless free time?). Now that I have to be at work every day, I wake up at the same time to start my day. I get dressed and pack my food (in turn I have a better and more filling eating schedule). Kipling gets a walk in the morning since we’re both gone until 5:30…and a walk when we get home (I have to be more diligent about my steps). Being at the office all day leaves little time to take care of chores, errands, and exercise, so those need to be scheduled. The time we have outside of work is precious, so we take advantage of it by seeing friends and planning fun outings. I already feel immensely more productive.

Clothing: Though I’ve recently reduced my wardrobe drastically to only clothes that fit great and that I love to wear, I still have several pieces I don’t wear often. I mean, why would I throw on that adorable Anthropologie dress just to sit at home or walk the dog? I’m having fun planning my outfits and putting my clothes to good use. I always feel better about myself and more confident when I am dressed and put together. It’s great to have an excuse to get dressed for the day (and not just sit in my pajamas until 2pm). Plus, it’s fun!

Keurig Cups: You might have seen me mention that our Keurig broke, and I was without coffee for a while (and took too many trips to Starbucks). Even with the Keurig machine, we never bought the cups because they’re so expensive. I ended up buying a regular ol’ coffee pot, which is just fine, but then I decided to cut back on coffee. I’m not happy to admit that my coffee drinking is coming back a bit with my early rise time and working all day, but I am happy to say that there is an abundance of free Keurig cups in every flavor I could imagine! Chai Latte, Mocha, regular coffee, etc. etc. It’s the little things in life, y’all.

My Mind: Guys, I don’t know if I need to tell you this, but spending significant lengths of time by yourself at home is not great for your soul. I was getting so antsy and feeling in such a rut/funk these last several months. I needed something to occupy my time. I needed something to motivate me. I needed a reason to get up and get moving with the day. Already this job has done wonders for all of that. I see people! I take lunch outside in the sunshine! I spend my free time at the computer actually working towards my acting career instead of surfing the internet! I’m more relaxed about finances, which that in itself has been a Godsend. That leads to relaxation in all areas of my life – I don’t feel as desperate, as worthless or insignificant (real talk here guys). I feel a sense of renewal with my acting and love the breaks I get to take to go to auditions or meetings. I don’t need the job. I can just enjoy it now.

Office life is not for everyone. It’s not for me either (heck, I’m an actress). But as a means to supplement my life while I pursue my dreams? It seems pretty good so far. Because God knows I can never go back to waiting tables again.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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