25 for my 25th : progress

Admittedly, I have not crossed off as many things on this list as I would’ve liked to by now, but I do have some plans in motion. I have exactly three months left until my birthday.

A little update on my 25 for 25th list:

1. Visit Portland, Oregon √

3. Make my own sandwich bread √

4. Go apple picking √


5. Enroll Kipling in an obedience class 

We finished a 6 week course with Kipling earlier this year. It mostly covered basic obedience commands that Kipling already knows, but we did learn some helpful tips. I must admit we do need to be way more diligent about teaching her on our own and reinforcing things at home. Persistence is key if we want to make any real progress.

6. Read the entire Anne of Green Gables series / finished book 3 of 6; however, I’ve lost interest in the series (though the first is so great) and don’t think I’ll continue reading.


9. Go camping at Joshua Tree 

We spent our annual Easter camping trip at Joshua Tree this year. You can see photos and read more about it here and here.


14. Learn how to actually plant an herb garden 

I should edit this to just say “garden” because though the only herb we’ve planted is basil, we’ve planted a whole lot of other fruits and vegetables (bell peppers, onions, zucchini, strawberries). Check out our planter we made here (we ended up making two).


16. Read Harry Potter / on book 5 of 7


20. Have a picnic in Central Park 

Though it didn’t work out that we actually ATE in Central Park (we had Thanksgiving leftovers back at our friend’s apartment), we did have the opportunity to go to NYC this year and walk through Central Park (and see the famous Alice statue!). You can find more about our trip here, here, here, here, and here.

Some other plans in motion:

2. Learn how to use a sewing machine / I purchased this A Beautiful Mess e-course and am just waiting to procure a sewing machine to get started!

7. Buy a new mattress / This is actually our Christmas gift from my mom (this past year). We just have yet to pick one out.

11. Go on a day long hike / We are doing a three day kayaking/hiking/camping trip for 4th of July that should check this one off.

13. Take a SkillShare or other online class / I have a handful of free classes that I have already registered for and just need to make the time to actually take them.

See my previous update here. You can also follow my (slow) progress on Instagram through #sams25for25

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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