a day in the life

Yesterday I decided to document a day in my life – a photo or several every hour. I did this for two reasons: 1) to have documentation of this point in my life and 2) I’m endlessly fascinated with people’s everyday routines, their daily life, and “behind the scenes”. My days do not have a typical schedule. I don’t wake up at 7am every day and head to an office. Usually my days are open for auditions, and I’m on call for my other two jobs (a nanny agency and an assistant agency). I’m supposed to be assisting Mondays, but the woman I work with is taking the next couple of weeks off. I also sometimes nanny Monday afternoons, but I had no jobs, so yesterday, Monday, May 18, I had no set schedule. This isn’t interesting to everyone, but it’s interesting to me and a good reminder of a day in 25 year old Sam’s life.

I’m so glad I did this, and I even learned a few things along the way. Because I knew I’d be taking a photo every hour, I was more productive (woo!). When I found myself distracted by scrolling through social media, I realized just how much of a time suck it is. I also generally underestimate how long it takes to do things and am always blown away by how quickly time flies.

7:30 am – I wake up (do not take a photo), take Kipling out to the bathroom and feed her, and pack my husband a lunch.


8:15 am – I pour a cup of coffee (our Keurig broke, so this is my first “real” coffee maker – is it strange that this makes me feel more like an adult than the fancier Keurig?). I sit at my computer to read the daily posts from my favorite bloggers and to write my own blog post. I do no photo editing, and this is one of my easier posts to write, so it doesn’t take too long.


9:15 am – I go outside to water our plants. These sunflowers (above) are growing strong, but I’m afraid we will have to pull some since they are growing so close together. 😦 I also check on the fruits and vegetables we planted this past weekend. Afterwards, I realize I’m starving, so I make myself a bowl of oatmeal and scroll Instagram before hopping in the shower.




10:15 am – I get dressed and ready for the day. I pick out this comfy sweater I bought off Poshmark because it looked like a cool, gloomy day outside. My “beauty” routine is pretty quick these days. I wash my hair every other day, run a blow dryer over my bangs and quickly through my hair just so it’s not soaking wet, and do nothing to it on the off days. For makeup, it’s some under eye concealer, blush, eyeliner on the corners of my top lids, mascara on the top lashes, and Chapstick.



11:15 am – I’ve done the dishes and start doing some hand-washing of a few articles of clothing (I never get around to doing this – those clothes sit in the hamper for far too long, so when I do wear them, they get several wears before going in the hamper). I like to light a candle and play music to help make household chores a little more enjoyable. I then sit down with my computer to meal plan and make a grocery list for the week.



12:15 pm – I head out to Trader Joe’s to do my grocery shopping. It’s less than a mile away (as are three other grocery stores).


1:15 pm – I’m back home from the grocery store (Am I the only one fascinated by what groceries people buy? I like looking at others’ carts in line to try to figure out a little bit about them based on what they’re buying. Just me? Okay.). I unload the groceries, make myself lunch (turkey sandwich and chips), and start going through my photos and tagging (in iPhoto) the ones I want printed for this past year’s album (that I need to start!).


2:15 pm – I make the dough for the pizza we are having tonight. It needs to rise for about 4 hours, so I have to plan ahead.



3:15 pm – Kipling and I are back from our 40 minute walk.


4:15 pm – I mean to sit on the couch to read but take a nap instead. I wake up, read a few pages, and make another cup of coffee to get out of that awful, post nap grog (and to test the programmable option on our coffee maker).



5:15 pm – I go outside to harvest some basil for our pizza and begin chopping up vegetables, making the sauce, and preheating the oven.



6:15 pm – The pizza is ready to go in the oven. Tonight’s toppings are mushrooms, spinach, grape tomatoes, zucchini, and basil on top of mozzarella cheese.


7:15 pm – We’ve eaten dinner (probably my best pizza to date) and are watching the Astros baseball game on TV. The game is slow, so I make a batch of homemade granola bars and clean up the kitchen. After the game is over (unfortunately the Astros lost), my husband and I go on a quick jog in our neighborhood. Then it’s home to relax, shower, and go to bed by 10:30pm.

How was your Monday? Next time I do this I may take more photos throughout instead of just on the hour. I’ll also try to do it on a day where my schedule is very different (filled with jobs and/or auditions). Even if you don’t blog or want to share your photos, I do recommend doing this if you’re having trouble staying motivated to get things done. I know that when I don’t have a schedule or deadline, it’s very hard for me to tackle that to-do list because I have endless time.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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