my last roll of film


Oh, hi. Again. I have to admit blogging has not been on the forefront of my mind lately. What has been? Oh, I don’t know. MY LIFE. That seems to be the way it goes. Everything feeling up in the air and uncertain and what am I doing with my life and you know the drill. I want to figure out what this space means to me, what to use it for, what my voice is, blah blah blah. I haven’t even been using my cameras lately (minus my phone camera because HELLO INSTAGRAM – I love it). So here I am, again having incoherent thoughts and as always trying to figure stuff out. So eloquent. Anyway, I nursed this last roll of film for 3 months, which is a little absurd (the photo up there is from Christmas). I tried a different type of film and am sadly disappointed in it. There were definitely not as many winners in this roll or shots that I had heart eyes for. Part of it is probably due to the lower ISO, which I had some difficulty adjusting to. But whatever it is, I’ll be sticking to my tried and true regular film for the time being. The last of this roll was from our Easter camping trip to Joshua Tree, so as soon as I finish up the second roll I started, I’ll share more from that trip.


A short hike in San Diego. Because it’s beautiful and dog friendly, and can we move there already?





Horse dog.


Another hike, another time. Don’t be fooled by the fact that my husband is wearing LITERALLY the exact same outfit.



This is our secret beautiful hiking spot in LA!


Valentine’s Day picnic and snuggles.



A drive down the PCH for a sunset view.






My favorite.


My niece got to stay with us a couple of days during her spring break. There was plenty of skating, sand, chicken and waffles, Just Dance!, cookies, and homemade pizza. Always grateful.


Skinned knees and sand.


Joshua Tree. Fun fact, I  lived there for a very, very short time when I was about 3-4 years old.





If you are keen to keep up more with my life (do you exist?), you can follow me on Instagram. I’m always trying to use it often to document and be creative and all that jazz.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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