Whitney’s grad school friends planned an unofficial reunion in Breckenridge, where we stayed in a giant house with close to 30 people. It was like college with shared beds and air mattresses (we checked our queen size mattress on the plane because WHAT UP Southwest with your free checked bags?!) and communal cooking (let me be clear that I did no cooking, and it was glorious, and thank you chefs for all your hard work). It was my first time skiing, and I had doubts as to whether I would enjoy it – the first day my doubts were dismissed, and the second day my doubts were very much back and clear and telling me THIS IS SCARY AND NO FUN AT ALL. The first day I caught on easily and had so much fun in our lesson and on the slopes, and the second we went to a scarier mountain (Copper Mountain), and I cried and thought I couldn’t make it down and would need an emergency snowmobile to drag me down (full disclosure here). I have not given up though. I will try to grasp onto those memories from our first day, so that I only have happy thoughts and can return for another ski trip. Happy things – hot tub, Bananagrams, Bailey’s. Confusing things – two people named Sam.




Hey what happened to only cute pictures of dogs and no words?

Oh yeah, we went dog sledding. Which was my favorite thing in the world, and I’m so happy I made others do it with me. The dogs were the best thing ever, duh, and I want to take them home with me (you can adopt the leaders of the pack soon! They are 8 and brothers and retiring, and if I had a house I so would…). I took like, 5 pictures skiing…and 500 dog sledding if that tells you anything. Oh, these are all taken on my phone because EXTREME SPORTS are not meant for DSLRs…though a GoPro would have been handy in these situations.


I made it a point to learn all of the dogs’ names (to be polite and so I could yell out their names while mushing). So here goes (in order of the pack) – On Yeti, on Everest, on Molly Brown, on Frye, on Dragon, on Crystal, on Stinger, on Klondike! Everest was my favorite (floppy eared brother in the front). Crystal was just a baby. And Stinger was the most like Kipling (whiny and klingy). All of them pooped and peed WHILE running and stuffed their adorable heads into the snow when we would take breaks. I told you. Best thing ever.
















Hopefully I will be back more regularly to share more incoherent thoughts. Oh, ski goggle face.

-wonderland sam

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