lorelai’s/sarah’s/lauren graham’s love life


*yes, that’s Dean…and me…and a friend.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and because I just finished all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and the perfect finale of Parenthood), I thought it’d be fun to steal my friend’s idea and rank Lorelai Gilmore’s/Sarah Braverman’s love interests. Because there are A LOT. If you haven’t watched either of these shows, 1) you are sorely missing out and 2) you will have no idea what I’m talking about, so you may as well stop reading right now. In the vein of me not wanting to spoil things too terribly (or go into too much depth on this subject), here are my short and sweet opinions. Drum roll please…

1. Luke Danes (GG) – DUH. Period. End of story.

2. Mark Cyr (P)- Because he was literally THE nicest guy and such a cutie (HIS SMILE). But he was too young for her.

3. Christopher Hayden (GG) – He never fully won me over, and as the seasons progressed I liked him less, but hey, he was Rory’s dad, and they had such a long history/excellent chemistry together. You couldn’t help but have a soft spot for him.

4. Max Medina (GG) – This relationship progressed too quickly, but he was a stand-up guy.

5. Hank Rizzoli (P) – Never bought the chemistry between these two, but he was a good guy who was good for her. Compelling arguments I’m making, right?

6. Alex Lesman (GG) – Who is Alex? Yeah, I thought the same thing. He seemed like a good match, but then she stopped dating him, and nothing about it is ever mentioned. Therefore I can’t mention much except WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

7. Jason Stiles (GG) – Just…no. He was okay, but really, why was she with him? We knew this would be a disaster from the get-go.

8. Seth Holt (P) – He was 50 shades of mess.

*GG for Gilmore Girls, P for Parenthood, obviously.

Did I miss any? I know Sarah dated Adam’s boss for a short period, but I can’t even remember what he looks like, much less his name. At least she controlled herself a little more in Parenthood and wasn’t engaged three times (only two!). How would YOU rank the men in her life? And when can I next watch Lauren Graham play a struggling and neurotic single mother with a tumultuous love life? I’m serious.

Bonus! Rory’s shorter and sweeter list:


2. Jess needs an attitude adjustment.

3. Dean is the literal worst.

-wonderland sam

P.S. Talk to me about this in person, and trust me, I can go IN DEPTH.

P.P.S. The real Lorelai Sarah Lauren Graham is dating the actor who plays her brother, Adam, on Parenthood. Freaky.

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5 thoughts on “lorelai’s/sarah’s/lauren graham’s love life

  1. I haven’t watched much Parenthood, but everything you said about GG is spot on. I totally agree. I remember liking Jess for Rory for some reason? But after re-watching it, I have no idea what I was thinking. Logan and Luke are the best.

    1. I was just looking back at this old post and can’t believe I missed responding to you! I am so sorry! I’m currently on my second re-watch of GG (almost done!) in preparation for the Netflix reboot. Are you going to watch?!
      I think people are Team Jess because they forget how kind of awful and immature he was by the time they see Logan. I’m still Team Logan (I think people don’t like that he both supports and challenges Rory/doesn’t worship her), but I could totally be on board the Jess train as an adult. Did you ever get to watch more of Parenthood? It’s one of my favorite shows!

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