sizzling pork noodles


Back in college, when I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment, I had no idea what to do about food. I never learned to cook growing up, and living in the dorms provided me a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was at a loss and was really intimidated by cooking. Enter : “Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen” by Kevin and Nancy Mills. It was my husband’s cookbook, and it served me well in my introduction to the kitchen.

One of the first and easiest recipes I ever cooked was the “Sizzling Pork Noodles”. It was so easy and so good that I made it pretty often. After making it so much, I set the recipe aside and forgot about it for a couple of years. However, my mom and my sister still make this recipe (they like to call it “Sam’s Spaghetti”), and I was reminded that I should bring out this old favorite (which I cooked last night). I’m also surprised I’ve never shared it here on the blog, so here it is!


*1 onion, finely chopped

*2 garlic cloves (minced)

*1 pound ground pork

*1/2 cup chili sauce (I use sweet, but you can use spicy if you so desire)

*1/4 cup water

*3 tbsp soy sauce

*1 tbsp vinegar (any kind)

*1/4 tsp black pepper

*12 ounces vermicelli

*1/2 cucumber, finely chopped (optional)

*2 scallions, finely chopped (optional)


1. Boil a pot of water.

2. Brown pork in pan over medium heat, breaking into small clumps. Drain fat.

3. Add all ingredients to the pork except the noodles, cucumber, and scallions. Cook for about 8 minutes or until most of the liquid has evaporated. Remove from heat and cover to keep hot.

4. Cook noodles in boiling water for 7 minutes. Drain noodles.

5. Pour meat mixture on top of noodles and add cucumber and scallions.

And that’s it! The easiest recipe for a beginner or someone who wants to put together a quick dinner; it takes about 35 minutes from start to finish (prep and cooking). My two tips: 1) err on the side of having too little noodles, rather than too much and 2) don’t cook the meat mixture too long, or you won’t have enough sauce to coat the noodles.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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