camping/road trip part two – film photos

The next day of our trip we made our way to New Mexico, but along the way we stopped at the Petrified National Forest Park in Arizona. It was a sunny and hot day, and all Kipling wanted to do was jump back into the air conditioned car – it was pretty funny. Whitney had picked out our next two campsites, and our stay in New Mexico was at the Gila National Forest. We took a 6 mile drive down a small dirt road to the secluded campsite. There was no camp host or phone service, so I was a bit wary. There were two other pairs of campers there, so I put my trust in Whitney (and Kipling) that we’d be safe. Besides the swarms of bugs, it was actually really nice being deeper into the woods like that, where it was much quieter (there were a couple of crying babies at the Grand Canyon) and we could see the stars even clearer. Just like the night before, we got to the campsite right before dark – just enough time to set up camp, cook (and roast s’mores), and check out the small herd of neighborly cows.

Our last camping day we made it to Texas and stopped at the Guadalupe Mountains. We feared rain, but we lucked out, and it stayed away. We got to this campsite in the afternoon, so we had time to take Kip on a walk and just relax in our chairs eating watermelon. I think by this time Kipling also felt a lot more comfortable (she gets a little anxious when we are moving around to a lot of new places). It was pretty neat being in the mountains like that, and it felt good to be back in Texas.





Petrified wood.








Our car got completely covered with dust driving down the dirt road. And hey – our new Subaru decals!


There were no bear lockers, so we chanced our luck and kept our food in our car. Happy to report – no bear damage.


It was a really beautiful – and BIG – campsite.



The Guadalupe Mountains.




Pretty sunrise.


-wonderland sam

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