camping/road trip part one – film photos

We have been busy prepping and going on our 9 day camping/road trip back to Texas these last couple weeks. We wanted to visit Austin in the summer…and have our car…and bring Kipling, so a road trip it was! We broke in our new Subaru and got great use of our camping gear. Kipling is great in the car and just sleeps the whole time; for this trip we put down the seats, so she could be closer to us and get better air conditioning. We spent four days on the road (without showers…) and made our first stop at the Grand Canyon. It was Whitney’s first time seeing it (and Kipling’s too), and I always forget just how massive grand it is (photos don’t do it justice). We walked the rim for a few miles and got to our camping site just in time to set up camp before dark and cook dinner. The Grand Canyon campsites are a little luxurious…they have actual flushing toilets!

I almost solely used my film camera on this trip. I still get a little worried that photos won’t turn out or an entire roll of film will be a dud for some reason. But part of the magic is not knowing what you’ll get! I mean, this is how people used to only take photos, and I think they were pretty satisfied with capturing their trips and memories. Whitney did go around snapping some of the Grand Canyon with my DSLR, and I used it to get some super close up shots of a deer and an elk the next morning when I was walking through the forest (which I’ll share later). But for now, I’m still obsessed with film.







Whitney braved climbing down and out on this ledge, while I stayed up top with Kipling. You can barely make him out, but he’s just to the right of that little bush on top.


Kipling didn’t stop moving the entire time. She was way too excited.







This one is a little ode to my header photo (top of my blog) that I took when Kipling was just a couple of months old.






-wonderland sam

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